Legal pot: Should dispensaries be required to provide more information to customers regarding their products?

  • Yes, dispensaries should provide more information.

    The increasing acceptance of marijuana as another way for responsible adults to enjoy themselves is great. As so many in the nation are looking at Washington and Colorado to see how marijuana legalization works, dispensaries have an obligation to be transparent about their products. Edibles should come with warnings about dosage and strains should have a list of side effects.

  • Yes, legal pot dispensaries should be held to a higher standard in terms of providing customers information.

    The legalization of pot promises to solve a major problem that has plagued casual pot consumers for decades: that the consumer can never know the precise quality and content of product bought on the street. Now that its sale is legal and regulated just like any other food or drug product, state governments should hold dispenaries to a high standard of transparency in terms of providing information regarding the content and potency of their products.

  • Dispensaries Open Product Information

    Dispensaries should be required to provide more info to customers regarding their products. Since dispensaries are now a popular place to be, one might want to know what inventory they have to choose from. Dispensaries are always coming up with something new hence, it might be hard for a customer to keep up with what is offered unless they are recommended to use something.

  • Yes, I think they should provide more information.

    Yes, I think dispensaries should be required to provide more information to customers regarding their products. I think they should have to tell them what exactly makes up a certain thing, what the effects are, how long they last, and anything else they could possibly think of to make the pot buying experience so much better.

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