Legalization of adult incest: Do consenting adults have a right to engage in incest?

  • Adults should have the right to engage in incest.

    With the use of contraception incest is good. It has brought me and my sister alot closer. We used to argue alot and didn't get on very well, Which effected the family. We spoke about how we could get along better and I told her I read that sex between a brother and sister can be very bonding, So we have been having sex and it has been amazing! It has helped us alot.

  • Adults should have the right.

    It should be legal for relatives to have sex if they are comfortable with it. I don't think it is harmful or unnatural to have sex with a relative if they are consensual adults on birth control. Sex with siblings or cousins is fine or even healthy. Sex is good for you and it should be up to you what happens in your bedroom.

  • Yes legalize it

    Yes as long as you are both above legal age and it is cosensual. It should be perfectly legal for me and my sister to have safe protected sex. I don't see any problem with it, As long as you are both single. Just because its not your preference, It doesn't mean that it is wrong.

  • Yeah, let guys decide

    As long as it is done for pleasure and not for procreation, people should do it for pleasure. You know, we can not pretend that we've never had such feelings. The issue is, how do you deal with it.
    The common way is that of acknowledging what our customs say about it
    The other option can be to do it just for pleasure only and not for procreation.
    The debate goes on and so on and so on...

  • So glad to see that times have changed

    Twenty years ago, when I was considering a relationship with my sister that would have led to a first experience with a loving and patient sexual partner, societal views were so skewed against incest that the very mention was taboo. Today I hope that it will become even more acceptable for consenting adults to engage in this entirely healthy behavior.

  • Love and Incest with consent.

    Incest between consenting adults should be permitted and excellent expression of love! I don't think the genetic problems are really significant. There is the benefit of keeping the good genetics within the "Family" which in the past some Royal families did. In this country we have freedom. Freedom of expression of love
    and sex should be free. Sons in love with Moms, Daughters in love with Dads should have
    sex if consensual and of age.. Brother and sister connections are wonderfully satisfying.

    As for cousins -- Don't even worry.
    Unfortunately the Laws are antiquated.

  • No Reason Why Not

    There are some arguments against this, almost all of which completely flawed.
    1) "Deformed children." The risk for deformed children isn't that bad, and the deformities aren't that bad either. Besides, not every incestuous relationship has to do with giving birth.
    2) "It's just wrong." This is ridiculous. It's not even a reason.
    3) "Personal disgust." That's a reason why YOU wouldn't do it.
    4) "There are many people out there, why do you have to have a fam member?" That's like someone coming over to you and your partner/partners and say "Well, there are many other people out there, so, uh, I'm breaking y'all up for no reason."

  • Consenting adults in incestuous sex is a victimless crime

    There are no victims to this crime and governments have no business being in the bedroom. Following the same age of consent laws should be ok except that it would require 18 in the case of consensual incest. The only thing is to criminalize reproduction as it would be a burden on society should difformities occur in offspring.

  • Yes, adults should be able to able to have any non-violent consensual sex with eachother.

    As an adult you should have the right to decide how to express your sexuality as long as it doesn't infringe on the autonomy or health or someone else. Incestuous sex between adults does not hurt anyone else. There is an issue regarding inbred children, but in this day and age sex can be had for recreation and not reproduction.

  • No, Incest Is Immoral

    No, consenting adults do not have a right to engage in incest, because it is immoral. A society should be allowed to set standards for behavior that it finds acceptable, and if the society decides incest is against its moral standards, the society should be allowed to ban it. In addition, there might be consequences for children born of incest, who are much more likely to have physical and mental problems.

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