Legalization of adult incest: Should incest between consenting adults be legal?

  • I think so.

    If sex isn't about pushing out babies then it seems logical to me that anything between consenting adults is ok so long as it does no harm to third parties. I suppose someone might say that with incest there is a chance of genetic defects, but this is a dangerous road to take. If the risk of genetic defects means people can't have sex then we must consider there are a number of people in society who have known genetic defects that might be passed on to their children. Should they not be allowed to have sex also?

  • Only between consenting adults

    I support incest between consenting adults because it has been good for me. For as long as I can remember I have been attracted to my aunt Reba. As a teenager I masturbated thinking of her. Then at age 25 and divorced I moved in with her and my uncle. When in two weeks we were sexually engaged. She had the same feelings for me. I am enjoyed sex with my uncle and Aunt Reba's daughter. I am now 45 and we still enjoy our family sex. All consensual.

  • Overall the naysayers are all wrong on all the common grounds.

    I speak from experience and want, let alone the experiences of my friends and family.
    If the real issue were simply and strictly a biblical one, then yes every sexual biblical issue should be on the table. Frankly the views sex not as what makes people happy but in the rigid view of only one man and one woman anyway, and probably in only one physical place or position. Do we have tp be told what makes us happy? If so all sex is borderline rape. Notice people with a religious arguement only have one when it comes to sex, not even murder.

    As far as strictly happening between consenting adults does no one realize that many children, myself included, have felt the most comfortable with learning about sex through siblings. I never began a single romantic ritual with my family, yet I feel no shame nor regret. We were not consentual ages when we began, but carried through consensual ages.

    As far as having 1 generation of children born from it there seems to mounting evidence to support vortually no defects in a first generation born from incest and no guarantee, or even a likelyhood that the same thing would happen for the next generation. Sometimes incest is carried on for generations, but if everyone already did that all the time wouldn't we know about it and the world be different.

    The only family member I know who was involved in incest who didn't like it was raped from the get go. My experience, though no longer continued, have been the best experiences of my life. It was gay sex, consensual always, and I was never on top. Seriusly don't knock something until you try it and quite trying to force your notions of sex on others. Non of us are supposed to commit adultery, polygamy, incest, or other, yet we do! Were human.

  • Religious Dark Ages

    Most laws were enacted under a society governed by a religious Government. We would only have one sex position and be stoned if we were caught doing it any other way. Time to move out of the Religious dark ages. Other people do not have the right to dictate who you have a relationship with. Homosexuality is offensive to me but I still recognize their right to have a relationship. Incest is no different.

  • Incest is an anagram of nicest

    Incest between consenting adults should be legal. Because their wife/husband/partner is away they still have sex with someone they know. If the woman in their relationship is pregnant at the man won't feel like he is missing out on sex. If condoms are used this will reduce the chances of any unwanted pregnancy if the mother/sister is of child bearing age.

  • No way Jose!

    If an incestuous relation takes place when a child is young we blame the adult as we should. Now imagine someone who has been brought up in that type of environment. They have been taught to believe that it is normal behavior. Even as an adult, who is now making their own decisions, they are still under the control of their perpetrator. If society finds out about this relationship, something needs to be done to stop it. This person is still a victim and needs to find a way out.

  • It is Highly Offensive to Most People

    Most people would find any type of incest extremely offensive. While adults may have a right to engage in consensual sexual behavior, society also has the right to regulate behavior. Society can ,therefore, prohibit highly offensive behavior. Furthermore, there is the potential for incest to result in inbreeding and a reduction of genetic diversity with all the attendant problems

  • I'm sorry but no.

    The risks of having a child in this relationship is too grate. There is a long standing document that I'm sure anyone of you can find that will tell you about the risks. There are risks of defects in the child, being born with an incurable desese because of the parents choice, they have a high chance of not living a full life. And it is just not fair to the child when they did nothing wrong. It was the parents choice to do this because they felt that they could not find love outside their family, and because of this the child suffers. And further more and you all know this, if anyone found out about this childs parents they would be a social reject and life would be very hard for this person. And in my eyes this is not fair to the child.
    I rest my case.

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