Legalization of drugs: Does the individual have the right to consume drugs?

  • Yes people have right to what they put in their bodies.

    You must ask yourself the question can I choose what food I put in my body weather it be incredibly unhealthy or healthy? Similarly does someone have the right to decide weather they undergo medical treatment or not ? The answer is yes people have the right to choose what happens to their bodys in other situations so why not use the same argument with drugs. If you look closer at both examples both situations could be potentially healthy and beneficial but both also have the possibility of being the polar opposite, where the outcome could be potentially fatal. If it is the case for the other two examples then surely it should the same for substances like LSD, cannabis , magic mushrooms as these have never had a case of overdose related to them.

  • Yes, individuals do have the right to consume drugs.

    Although it is inadvisable for individuals to consume most drugs, it is not the right of the United States to determine what should or should not be consumed. Although it would make sense to monitor and tax drugs in order to make sure that they are as safe as possible and to make money, to ban them completely is nonsense. People will take drugs whether they are legal or not, so they might as well be monitored.

  • Drugs harm more than the individual.

    If drugs only affected the individual then perhaps, but as most hard drugs also cause harm to wider society, it is not a right. Most hard drugs for instance result in incredible addiction which will result in an individual losing their home, job, assets, and eventually their health. At this point they will inevitably turn to society to provide for them, either through handouts or crime. Thus drugs harm more than the individual and are therefore not a right.

  • If i have a right to drugs it would be wrong to charge me

    No, there is no right to drugs any more than there is a right to food or a right to shelter or a right to your own facts.

    No drug should be criminalized. Drug addiction is a medical issue. Drug use is a character issue. NO amount of laws will curb the behavior of an addict.

    Decriminalization will reduce costs across the board:

    * health services
    * drugs
    * jails (not stuffed with addicts)
    * government (1 in 4 employed americans are involved in the unwinnable war of drugs)

    everybody wins

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