Legalization of drugs: Is drug-use morally acceptable or tolerable?

  • Drug use is a personal choice.

    The war on drugs is a dying cause. It is costing more money to society to lock up people for possessional amounts that it does to create rehabilitation efforts. Society also allows us to do many other self-harming activities (alcohol, tobacco), why does the personal choice to use drugs cross that line. People should have the right to put into their bodies what ever they choose, so long as it doesn't harm others.

  • Yes, drug use is morally tolerable.

    Human beings should have the right to decide how to live their lives and what substances they put into their bodies. The key here is personal responsibility, drugs and alcohol cannot be made an excuse for unacceptable behavior. Harming other people is wrong, just as wrong if you're high or drunk and should be punishable in the same way, lets not let the poor choices of the few ruin the freedoms of the many.

  • Yes, drug use is morally acceptable.

    The use of drugs in order to make someone's life more tolerable is in no way immoral. It has no effect on society at large except, perhaps, in making the drug users more agreeable. To say that using drugs is not morally acceptable is ridiculous. Drug users are harming no one but, maybe, themselves.

  • Drugs shouldn't be legalized

    No because drugs screw up your life, i am learning about drugs and there is so much people don't know about drugs. So we should just stop drug abusers, no one should have to do drugs, kids how get abuse are more likly to do drugs then ids who don't same with cutting.

  • No legalizing drugs

    No, the legalization of drug use is not morally acceptable and should not be tolerated. What kind of picture would be we painting for our kids if they were to see someone using drugs and getting wasted, and doing crazy things. This world would go to hell in a handbasket.

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