Legalization of drugs: Would legalization decrease drug-consumption?

  • Yes it would

    Without laws prohibiting drugs, less people would be attracted by the thrill of crime. With no rebellious allure, drugs would have no attractive qualities that would pull young people into addiction. Most of the users of these drugs know they are dangerous, but start doing them because they are always told not to; they WANT to defy the laws.

  • It would decrease consumption, but probably not for the reason most of you are citing.

    There are two types of drug users. Drug users thay can function and addicts. The number of people who use drugs recreationally and continue to function normally in society would actually increase, just a little. The demand for drugs has not seemed to change much as the war on drugs has cracked down harder and harder. This suggs that the number of people willing to do drugs illegally does not change. If drugs were legal, however, there's no evidence to suggest that people would stop using simply because it wasn't cool anymore, but rather a small number of law abiding citizens curious about it's use would probably start. The greatest reduction, however, would be with drug addicts, those that cannot function normally. If drug use was decriminalized the government could put the saved money into addiction threatment. As addiction treatment has proven to be much more effective at reducing drug use than prison, overall a decriminalization would reduce heavy drug use.

  • Look at the "War on Drugs" outcome!

    I grew up during the 80', and early 90's, the years of DARE in middle school, Drug Symposium Day in high school, etc. In middle school, the idea sort of took, until I hit 8th grade and started listening to 60's music. By high school, most people(and I'm not saying just my friends) were either drinking, smoking weed, or doing even harder stuff. Drug Symposium Day was a JOKE, most students took out as a day to get high! And this was when drugs were "BAD".
    I grew up in the suburbs outside a big city. We never had anything to do. Whatever something opened up for teenagers(pool halls, arcades, coffee houses) they'd invariably be shut down within the year. We were bored senseless! Is it any wonder the county I live in had, and still does have a proliferation of young people using drugs?
    If drugs were legalised, and the money spent fighting the so-called war on drugs was spent on giving teenagers places to spend their free time that were fun, maybe that would make a big difference. And, as someone else stated, when you tell kids not to do something(teenagers are psychologically all slightly sociopathic, that's why it's hard to diagnose them when they're mentally ill, they just need to grow a little older), of course they want to do it. So make illicit drugs controlled but legal and seem boring. In my opinion, it couldn't hurt. To this day, I see the ravages of what illicit drugs have done to me and my friends. I was on methadone for over a decade. I'm on suboxone now, I'll probably be on it for the rest of my life, and many of my friends are in the same place. I don't know the answer, I just have suggestions. But I don't want to see another generation turn out the way mine did!

  • Take the Brazilian anti tabaco laws for example

    In a legalised market the government can create laws to regulate the production and commercialisation of the drugs, like Brazil did with tobacco in the late 80s, resulting in a decrease of more then 50% in consumption since. Nowadays the consumption of tobacco in Brazil is much lower then the majority of countries in the Americas and Europe.

  • Legalization of drugs would decrease drug consumption.

    Legalization of drugs would decrease drug consumption. An integral part of hum nature is that when some one tells you not to do some thing because it is wrong or illegal, you will probably end up doing it any way. If drugs were to not become illegal any more, the attraction would go away.

  • Yes legalization would decrease consumption

    Yes, I think that by legalizing drugs it would decrease consumption of drugs. I think that by removing the taboo of drugs and making them readily available fewer people would find them "cool" and want to try them. As a result fewer people would be trying them and there would be less consumption.

  • Legalization would not decrease drug consumption.

    If the state encourages recreational use of a drug, how exactly would the rate decrease? It is far easier to access, especially for children. The rate of underage drinkers is higher than the rate of <21 years of age drug users. This is because alcohol is far easier to obtain than an illegal drug.

  • Look at Colorado!

    Has marijuana use decreased in Colorado? NO! Has it brought in insane revenue for the state? NO. Marijuana, and other drugs, are illegal for a reason. That reason is because they RUIN YOUR LIFE. It's stupid to think that legalizing something that's illegal currently would improve anything. Maybe we should legalize murder, it would probably decrease the crime rate in inner cities.

  • How about No

    If you look at the legal drugs you find such as tobacco, caffeine and alcohol. They are much more popular than illegal drugs. It is a fact. More people smoke cigarettes than do ones that are illegal. If your argument against that is these drugs aren't as bad, think again. If tobacco and alcohol were not so traditional and hadn't been around for so long they would be illegal. In fact they woul be class A drugs.
    Ask yourself how many people die a year of tobacco related diseases? The answer is the astonishing figure of 144 million. And what about Cocaine and Heroin or Ecstacy? Well for Ecstacy it's about 3. For Cocaine and Heroin no more than 40. It's because Tobacco is legal! It means that it's easier to get, cheaper to buy and you don't go to jail for it. If we legalised some currently classified drugs, I am afraid to say that they would become increasingly popular. Drugs should stay illegal.

  • No, it would not.

    It wouldn't, because it would just make it easier to get them (except for maybe the tax price); but that's not something that drug legalization is supposed to solve.
    We see drunks all the time and people who OD on over-the-counter and prescription drugs. We know people drink plenty even though alcohol has been legal for almost a century in the United States.

    People might not refrain from using drugs, but they will be able to more easily get help with addiction, which is the only reason why it might reduce drug consumption.

  • History and common sense point to INCREASED consumption, not decreased.

    To begin with, disproving the claim that legalization of drugs would DECREASE consumption is easy. At best, legalization would have no effect on the level of drug consumption; it might not increase use, but it certainly wouldn't decrease it. This was the finding by the National Academy of Sciences in 1999, which stated, "In sum, there is little evidence that decriminalization of marijuana use necessarily leads to a substantial increase in marijuana use." The fact that the wording used in that statement included the word "little" instead of "no" indicates that the study did find SOME evidence pointing to an increase in marijuana usage after it was legalized. Similar findings were seen in a study done by Jeffrey Miron and Chris Feige of China's legalization of opium in the late 1800's. In that case, use of the drug did not decrease in China after its legalization.
    As if those examples weren't enough, Switzerland's experience with drug legalization is further proof that legalizing drugs certainly will not result in a decrease in drug consumption. Between 1987 and 1992, illegal drug use and sales were permitted in Platzspitz park, Zurich, in an effort to deal with a growing heroin problem. This move became a total failure; use of the park by heroin junkies increased to a point where authorities were finally forced to close the park.
    More than anything else, common sense points to an increase in drug consumption when such drugs are legalized. With legalization, the price of drugs would come down, since they would no longer be as difficult, or dangerous, to get. Simple economics shows that as prices drop, demand increases. People whose only reason for never using drugs was the financial cost or the dangers of dealing with dangerous dealers and/or drugs that had been mixed with toxic substances would no longer have those worries to hold them back. If anything can be said definitively about drug legalization, it is this; legalization would definitely NOT decrease drug consumption.

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