Legalization of drugs: Would legalization reduce crime and the presence of gangs?

  • Yes, Legalization would bring in a decrease in the existing crime rate.

    With the legalization of drugs, Instantly a huge percentage of the common public can strip themselves of the tittle of "Criminals" and replace it with the word "Victims"(Don't take this negatively, Im refereing to people who are addicted/abusing). Drug abuse is a huge problem and it definitely affects society as a whole. Instead of raiding people for drugs or lauching anti-drug campaigns, Now Addiction-help and Support-help campaigns can be launched. A lot of time and money can be re-allocated to helping society overcome the problem. The black market will always exist and will always be a choice. With the legalization of drugs, Everything can be regulated and safe. People no longer have to worry about adulteration of the black market. To every solution there will be some flaws, But it is my opinion that awarness about the topic at hand would do more good than harm. Poor people would still opt for the shady method, But what can be helped with that. . . That is another problem within society which can be adressed in a different debate. As for the presence of gangs, Well this would definitely help as they would have to decrease their prices in order to compete in the market, Therfore decreasing their profits and power(over society). Take a look at portugal, Drug abuse drastically decreased over the course of 14 years. Anyways im actually doing a research paper for college on this topic, Havent really started any actual research, So wish me luck :D

  • Yes Legalizing drugs will reduce crime to an extent.

    Legalizing drugs would reduce crime, but how much? It's true that if drugs were legal, the black market would take a hit, but it would not disappear. Street dealers would still exist and they would have to lower their prices to attract people. In turn, corporations to stay profitable would have to lower their price. Now, a user could get more for the same price and people, especially young people could be tempted to try it because it's cheap. So while we might fix one problem, we'll open the door to many more problems.

    Also, now a user/gangs who have no money, know they can go to the corner store and rob them to get their fix. Are we really solving the problem by legalizing it?

  • Legalization = no black market

    As illegality of drugs labeled "bad" by governments continues, a black market thrives as people can't walk into a store and legally buy the particular substance. It's completely logical that if a substance is legalized, crime related to the illegal drug market will decrease basically to zero. A lot of violence caused by gangs are due to this market.

  • Yes, Legalization of drugs would reduce crime and the presence of gangs

    I believe that if certain drugs were legalized that the presence of crime and gangs would drastically decrease and actually cause some of our penal systems to decrease the amount of inmates they hold which in turn would save taxpayers dollars and have a positive effect on the economy if they are able to be taxed.

  • Yes, legalization of drugs would make crime rate plummet

    Yes, legalization of drugs would reduce the crime rate in a variety of ways. For starters, by taking a bunch of laws making something illegal off the books, a lot less people become criminals overnight by eliminating simple possession infractions. If a controlled, well-regulated, system of dispensing substances were developed the local street gangs big source of income dries up. It also helps fight crime and terrorism abroad by cutting off warlords and drug kingpins major source of funds. The people that will suffer will be those caught in a cycle of addiction. But I think we've seen under prohibition that people with addictive personalities will find a way to get what they want no matter how stiff a penalty you put on it . With the right safeguards in place legalization would more people's lives better globally than worse via addiction they are already prone to.

  • Legalization of drugs will be not be great, But it would be good

    The legalization of drugs at first seems like a bad idea, But is it actually? If we think about it, Things like the iPhone wouldn’t have been legal back in the 1990’s, Or 80’s because of the fact that it was a very technological advancement that could be used in the wrong way of the public, But we now know that this is not always the case. If we apply this logic to the legalization of drugs, Then we can see the same results. A well organized system that taxes drugs as well as taxing phones can be put in place which will increase our economy, Create more jobs as the demand would be great, And reduce the need for gangs to sell drugs. We see that the legalization of weed is a success at current times, As more and more people are given access and are paying more and more for the product. We can put an age limit on the useage as well, Just as alcohol does. Maybe legalizing drugs would be a good thing to the economy and to crime ridden cities. People wouldn’t have to shoot eachother for drugs because they would have cheap access to more, If they are over a certain age. I think the legalization of drugs still needs some evaluation, But on a basis, I don’t think it would be a bad idea.

  • No, Legalizing drugs wont solve the black market

    If you expect drug addict to reduce his crimes if you decriminalize drugs or legalize it then your pretty much misguided. Why because he wouldn't nessery have the money he would need to buy it so as we all know for drug addict its always about the next dosage, person in not frame of mind will do anything to get the next dosage. Black market wont go way ether there huge black market for lot of stuff that are sold legally such as clothes, sporting tickets, video games, movies etc . So anyone thinking legalizing drugs will solve the black market is seriously misguided.

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