Legalization of Marijuana: Is the use of marijuana spiritually beneficial?

  • Marijuana is mind opening

    I believe that marijuana is spiritually beneficial. Marijuana can help a person open their mind and think outside of the box. By opening their mind they have a better chance of having a spiritual moment. They can also become more spiritual aware of everything around them where as someone who refrains from smoking marijuana will have a harder time opening their mind to the spiritual experience.

  • The use of marijuana is spiritually beneficial.

    As a mind altering drug, marijuana can have a spiritual meaning. People react to drugs in many different ways, and some people find a spiritual or religious meaning in marijuana. People should be able to use marijuana as a spiritual item because there is freedom of religion in this country.

  • Yes, pot can be spiritually beneficial.

    Like alcohol or other substances, pot can be used well or badly. If it is used to excess, or if someone has an addictive personality, pot can be detrimental to functioning. In fact, it should not be used during every day activities. But if used recreationally or to expand consciousness it can have good effects in increasing personal awareness with spiritual implications.

  • Marijuana Not Spiritually Beneficial

    No evidence suggests that marijuana is actually beneficial in a spiritual sense. In reality, smoking marijuana puts a person into a stupor in which they're basically intoxicated. Marijuana shouldn't be legalized because it's a mind-altering drug with very few benefits. Undoubtedly, the consequences outweigh the benefits in this situation today.

  • I do not think the legalization of marijuana is spiritually beneficial.

    I do not think the legalization of marijuana is spiritually beneficial. I think a lot of people try and use this as an argument for the legalization of marijuana just because they know that things like religion and spiritualty are taboo subjects and people will be less apt to question them.

  • Marijauna is Medically Beneficial

    Marijuana is medically beneficial and if legalizing the drug reduces jail overcrowding, it is a good thing. Using marijuana for spiritual experiences isn't the point of legalizing the drug. The point is too many people get hauled off to jail for smoking marijuana. Spirituality has nothing to do with marijuana.

  • It is a drug, plain and simple.

    No, the use of marijuana is not spiritually beneficial, because it is a drug. People smoke marijuana because they want to get high. There are not health benefits. There are not spiritual benefits. People like doing drugs and getting high. This is not news. But there is no legitimate spiritual benefit to marijuana use.

  • N, the use if marijuana is not spiritualy beneficial.

    Marijuana use has no spiritual benefit. Smoking marijuana may provide an aura of relaxation and well-being for the user, but is only a temporary state.When the effects of marijuana have worn off the user will still be faxing the same problems that they had sought escape from. This "coming down off the buzz" could actually be more harmful than beneficial.

  • No, the use of marijuana is not spiritually beneficial.

    I believe that the use of marijuana is not spiritually beneficial. Marijuana is a drug. It is not good for a person's brain, heart, lungs or immune system. There are no "benefits" to using this drug, spiritual or otherwise. For spiritual benefits go to church. That's where you'll find the best spiritual benefits.

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