Legalization of Marijuana: Should marijuana be decriminalized?

  • It should be legalized

    Marijuana does less damage to your body than alcohol, and it greatly helps those with certain medical conditions. Thanks to medicinal marijuana, people who are susceptible to seizures are living much happier lives, without constantly being at risk.

    When drugs are decriminalized, violent crime rates go down. Just look at Portugal. Within 10 years of decriminalizing the possession

  • Marijuana should be decriminalized

    Marijuana should be decriminalized and not be considered a crime anymore. It should however be treated the same way as alcohol, which would mean that no driving under the influence or while working on the job. Too many people are in our prison system because of Marijuana, and it is costing taxpayers too much money that we don't have as a country.

  • Marijuana Should be Decriminalized, Safer than Alcohol

    Yes, Marijuana should be decriminalized due to it being much safer than a legal substance, alcohol. Many studies have shown that marijuana does not lead to chemical addiction, as does alcohol, not does it lead to severe long-term side effects, again, as does alcohol. The fact that the more dangerous of the two is the legal one is asinine.

  • No marijuana should not be decriminalized.

    When it comes to the legalization of marijuana, I believe that it should not be decriminalized. If it were decriminalized that would make our country's drug problem so much worse. I don't buy the argument that it is good for medical use. It is a drug that can harm a person's body and lead to a serious addiction problem.

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