Legalization of Marijuana: Will legalization of marijuana increase consumption?

  • Legalization of marijuana will increase consumption.

    Legalization of marijuana will increase consumption because it will be more widely available. Companies will start to market marijuana the way that alcohol and tobacco are market today. If the danger of breaking the law and getting in trouble is removed, a lot of people will at least try marijuana out of curiosity.

  • Consumption would rise.

    I think that the legalization of marijuana would mean that more people are smoking it and that the overall consumption of it would rise. I think that is to be expected, though, because making something legal makes it more accessible for the general public. More every day people will try it.

  • Only At The Beginning

    I do believe that the legalization of marijuana will increase consumption, at the beginning. There are many people who will not break the law, as it is illegal now. When it is legalized they will try it, as will many others. Some of these people may continue to smoke at varying levels, while many will stop using it because it is simply a novelty to them.

  • It will be more accessible.

    If marijuana is legalized it will become more accessible. Having easier reach to marijuana will increase the use by general society. Law abiding citizens who might not ever have tried marijuana otherwise, would now be willing to give it a go. Marijuana should not be legalized unless it is for medical use.

  • Legalization of marijuana will increase consumption.

    I think legalization of marijuana will increase consumption because It will dramatically increase accessibility around the whole country. More accessibility will result in an increase. I believe the moral reason of doing something illegal has kept people for using marijuana as well, and with the legalization of marijuana people are more likely to try it.

  • No it won't

    People will use marijuana whether or not it is legal to do so. I think that if pot were made legal, that more people will admit that they use it, causing people to believe that there has been an increase of marijuana use. I do not think that legalization will actually increase consumption. Some people use pot, and some don't. Nothing will change.

  • Legalization of marijuana will not increase consumption.

    Legalization of marijuana will not increase consumption. It will only allow those who already use it more access to it. I think everybody will benefit from the legalization and especially the economy in the future. If we produce something that we can then turn and spend throughout the economy then everyone benefits.

  • Look at Kids

    Ask any high schooler in any urban area of the United States, they will all tell you that marijuana is significantly easier to obtain than its highly regulated counterpart, alcohol. You can find alcohol in a store in every town, yet you will never find marijuana in one (besides Colorado and Washington), yet alcohol is very hard to access by teenagers in comparison to marijuana, The real question here is, though; Who cares? My son uses marijuana regularly, I tell him not to drink and he does not. Shall we compare him, 2100 SAT, 3.9/4.0GPA, to the casual drunken Irish teenager? I WANT my kids to have easier access to marijuana SO THEY STAY AWAY FROM ALCOHOL. Alcohol is a legitimate poison in this country, it kills tens of thousands of people. I don't want to be the parent who hears "Sorry, sir. Your son was intoxicated and drove into a tree. He didn't make it". That is REALISTIC and happens to HUNDREDS of parents. However, marijuana has ZERO deaths documented in the entire history of its use. So we ask, will legalization increase consumption? No, probably not. But if it does, more power to it.

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