Legalization of Marijuana: Would marijuana legalization reduce crime?

  • Yes, some of the crime.

    If pot is legalized, then it takes away a whole range of crimes associated with the underground nature of buying it and consuming it. So yes it would reduce that sort of crime. There are so many people taking it now, though, that a lot of other things would stay the same.

  • Yes, the legalization of marijuana would reduce crime.

    Yes, the legalization of marijuana would reduce crime. Since it would no longer be a crime to buy, sell, and grow it, all of the people who do this now would be able to do it legally. That in and of itself would cut down on crime. There is also the criminal underworld that grows around illegal substances when they are high demand. Just look back to prohibition and the rise of the mafia. If there was never prohibition, the mafia would've never found that foothold in producing bootleg alcohol.

  • Marijuana legalization would reduce crime.

    If marijuana became legalized it would reduce crime. If the government took over the sale and distribution of marijuana, it would remove an important income source for drug cartels that also deal in hard drugs, like heroin and cocaine. Legalizing marijuana would be a major blow to organized crime in America.

  • Jails Would Empty

    Ninety percent of crime is because of marijuana. People get killed over pot deals gone bad. People are shot in arguments fueled by those who don't have enough money to buy pot on the black market. Legalizing marijuana will keep so many people out of jail and fewer people will be killed. Not only does legalizing pot keep the criminal justice system more efficient, states can tax the product to make more revenue.

  • Legalization of marijuana would reduce some crime.

    In spite of personal opinions, a very large number of people use marijuana. It has not been shown to have serious side effects, unlike alcohol which is legal. The amount of people charged with possession, trafficking, and sales would obviously decrease. It also may decrease the number of people exposed to more dangerous drugs.

  • No no no

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  • Legal Weed Wouldn't Prevent Crime

    By legalizing weed, many government officials and proponents say that crime rates would drop in the United States. Such a development would never come to fruition, though, because crime rates would stay relatively stable. Legal weed doesn't reduce crime, and it could even make illegal trafficking even more dangerous and deadly.

  • It would only make it worse

    Even though growing, selling, and producing marijuana would then be legal, I still think it would increase crime more then reduce it, ultimately. Simply because, there is now going to be a higher demand for the drug, and with that demand, could bring about more crime. More gang activity, for example.

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