• Yes I think it should be legal.

    With the legalization of marijuana the U.S can tax by selling it over the counter. By doing this we can settle millions of dollars of debt just by legalizing it and using it to our advantage. A few states have taken action and have started selling it. If not now that just how long will it be until we do legalize marijuana? This topic isn't going away anytime soon.

  • This should not BE a political issue

    It is incomprehensible to me that there is a debate about whether to legalize anything for medical use. It is already and it will be abused for recreational purposes, as will every prescription painkiller known to man. This does not justify denying morphine, marijuana, or any medicine to ill patients. If something has been discovered that can cure or alleviate the symptoms of people suffering from an illness, it should be used.

  • In it's present forms, no.

    Normally, when a medication is created, they try to reduce the amount of side effects as much as possible. In the case of marijuana, the opposite has been true. Growers have created hundreds of strains, mostly with higher levels of THC ( the part that causes the side effect of getting high ) without increasing the levels of CBD (the part that would be considered real medicine ). This proves that the people who take it as supposed medicine are more interested in getting high than getting treatment.
    Recently, they have developed a strain that has about three times the levels of CBD but with almost no THC. If this new strain was to replace the other strains, it would be considered real medicine by all people and passed almost instantly in all states making it accessible to those who actually need it as medicine. Unfortunately, the population that want it for the main purpose of getting high is resisting this and so must feel that their own self interests are more important than other peoples needs.
    Though the high levels of THC have been know to be used to treat things like nausea and pain, there are other treatment option for both that either do not cause or cause less of the high side effect.

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