Legalization of performance-enhancing drugs in pro sports: Do contemporary sports need performance-enhancing substances?

  • Yes to PED's

    I have been writing a debate on PED' and over everything I have convinced myself that PED's should be used, in a separate league. This will encourage people to be open about it, freedom of choice. etc. I completely AGREE!! I understand Pros anc Cons, but people are aware of the risks!

  • I think that contemporary sports need performance-enhancing substances.

    I think that contemporary sports need performance-enhancing
    substances. Performance-enhancing drugs
    improve player’s play. It makes players
    run faster, jump higher, and play longer.
    Performance-enhancing drugs can only improve sports by making the game
    more exciting and therefore attracting more advertisers. More advertisers mean more money, and more
    money will attract even better athletes.

  • Contemporary sports do need performance-enhancing substances.

    Contemporary sports do need performance-enhancing substances. The athletes are going to do these substances anyway. We should legalize this so that they can be looked after medically without the risk of losing their jobs and careers. It does not matter what law is placed on this because there will always be substances around.

  • Contemporary Sports Do Not Need Performance-Enhancing Drugs

    Contemporary sports do not need performance-enhancing drugs. Contemporary athletes are the best of their sport, whether it's baseball, football, basketball, hockey, etc. The media covers "juicing" in Major League Baseball, although other athletes use performance-enhancing drugs. This is not necessary. So many people play sports well enough that they do not need to enhance their performance. The sports themselves do not require this level of enhancement, and do not promote sportsmanship. Legalizing performance-enhancing drugs might standardize the procedure, but it is utilimately not necessary for the enjoyment of the sport.

  • They do not.

    The legalization of performance enhancing drugs in pro sports is a bad idea. They do not need performance enhancing drugs in contemporary sports. Not everyone will use performance enhancing drugs even if they were to become legal. That would make it unfair to he people who did not want to start using them.

  • Illegally Trying to Get An Extra Advantage

    You could supposedly legalize all performance enhancing drugs and that would supposedly make everything fair, right? Wrong, where would it stop? People would be looking for more stronger drugs that work better. It would never stop and someone would always be at an disadvantage. Have no performance enhancing drugs at all. That is the only way you can know for sure everyone is on an even playing field.

  • Allowing performance enhancing drugs would set a terrible example.

    Children look up to athletes and in some cases professional athletes are the only hero a child can reasonably hope to aspire to some day. Athletes owe it to their fans to set an example of clean and drug free living. Our heroes must be strong and pure on their own merits without the benefit of drugs.

  • Performance enhancing substances should not be legalized.

    Performance enhancing substances should not be legalized. Sports should be all about the athlete's talent, strength and endurance. By taking a performance enhancing substance, the athlete is not relying solely on their own talents, training and strength. It is much more impressive if the athlete is victorious on their own power and not because they took drugs. It is like cheating and should not be legal. It would take the all the joy out of watching sports. Do we want our children to admire athletes who need drugs to play the game, or the ones who work hard to practice and win on their own?

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