Legalization of performance-enhancing drugs in pro sports: Should a boundary be drawn between legitimate and illegitimate substance?

  • Yes there should be

    Yes there should be a line drawn between legitimate and illegitimate substances that are being used by athletes so as to help prevent against substance abuse among them and even help prevent against promoting substances altogether. There should be a list of substances that are safe to use and another list of unsafe substances.

  • Yes, a boundary needs to be drawn.

    I don't believe that most performance enhancing drugs should be allowed in sports. If you let some people use them, then everyone will have to use them in order to compete. It isn't right to tell people that they have to put their life and health in jeopardy in such a way to compete professionally.

  • Yes a boundary should be set

    Children look up to professional athletes. They consider them to be role models. Professional athletes have a responsibility that goes along with that. They need to be on their best behavior when out in public. Part of that responsibility includes not participating in illegal activities. There should be strong penalties for using their influence inappropriately. Our future generations depend on it.

  • All performance enhancing drugs should be prohibited

    No, both legitimate and illegitimate substance should not be allowed. The person that want to play sports should have the ability to do so, if not then they should not be able to play the sport. It is not fair to those that do not want to participate in using these drugs. The drugs have been proved to be dangerous to not only the user, but also those that around the user.

  • All Performance Enhancing Drugs in Pro Sports Should Be Banned

    No, there should not be a boundary drawn between so called "legitimate" and "illegitimate" performance enhancing substances in professional sports. The boundary between such substances can change arbitrarily as the medical community deems what is safe and unsafe. On top of that, the use of either type of substance is tantamount to cheating.

  • It Shouldn't Be Allowed

    I do not believe a boundary line should be drawn between what is legitimate and what is illegitimate as far as performance-enhancing drugs. Performance-enhancing drugs should have no place in sports where they are banned and if a test is failed then it shouldn't matter the amount. To be performance-enhancng drugs are just like cheating and cheating should take place in sports.

  • No performance enhancing drugs

    Performance enhancing drugs enables cheating, and such activities should not be tolerated. We need to have a clear boundary between peoples natural abilities and abilities that are simply the result of modern medicine and drugs. It's time to make sports fair again, and we need to do it now, or else sports fails.

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