Legalization of performance-enhancing drugs in pro sports: Should athletes be given the choice to use performance-enhancing drugs?

  • Yes they should

    Whether you like it or not most professional athletes are on some sort of PED. There are 300+lb linemen still able to run 6 second 40 yard dashes, baseball players breaking records for home runs at ridiculous numbers, and a great majority of pro athletes do utilize the recovery effects of human growth hormone. The fact is anyone who loves the competitiveness of sports WANTS their athletes using these. They make the games more and more intense and entertaining to watch, you would not watch games that could not hold ones attention. Making the substances legal would allow for safer usage for the athletes because they could openly see endocrinologists on the subject to set them up properly with all the blood work and precautions imperative to them maintaining their health and would also open up many subjects for testing matters on the usage of PED's for long-term use.

  • PEDs should be legal

    They should be legal because it is your choice to take them. It should be legalized because some people are going to use them anyway so might as well make sure that those drugs are safely distributed and not just off the street and potentially dangerous. If you think it gives an unfair advantage, doesn't using award winning coaches and really good training also count as unfair? Also, if PEDs are legal, many well deserving athletes wouldn't be under suspicion and for example would be allowed to be a part of the Hall of Fame and not banned from their sport.

  • Athletes should be given the choice to use performance-enhancing drugs.

    Athletes should be given the choice to use performance-enhancing drugs. I think this would give everyone an equal playing field if everyone had the option to take them. Because no matter what we do they will always be doing them somewhere and being allowed to get away with it in sports.

  • Creates Drug Culture for Younger Kids

    If pro athletes are given the choice to use performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs), then it simply creates a drug culture for younger athletes all the way down to middle school. If it's okay for the pros, it's okay for 12-year-olds, right? That's the mentality in sports today when kids are being recruited by colleges so young.

  • PEDs Bad For Sports

    Performance-enhancing drugs are bad for professional sports no matter how you look at the situation. These PEDs give athletes an edge over clean players, which is never a good thing. While many players probably use these drugs, that doesn't make such use right. Professional sports shouldn't allow such drugs into the picture.

  • No They Should Not

    I believe legalizing performance enhancing drug in professional sports would be a big mistake. I think the levels of performance would rise to a point where every athlete would be expected and almost required to use the drugs in order to successfully compete. I think this goes against the purpose of the sport and more than likely the wishes of many of the athletes.

  • No they should no be allowed to.

    Athletes should not be allowed to have the choice to use performance enhancing drugs as it gives them an unfair advantage to the other players. They should have to win games based on their on skills and no the skills a drug is helping provide to them, as other players might still view it as inappropriate.

  • It's a dangerous choice, and could become the norm if legalized

    Athletes are banned from using performance enhancing drugs for their own good. Every athlete has the desire to remain competetive and be the best, so if one player uses drugs, suddenly everyone else must as well, just to keep up. Nobody should have to harm their body to do well in their job, so drugs must be excluded from sports to keep everyone safe.

  • No, they should not.

    The legalization of performance enhancing drugs in pro sports would result in many cons rather than pros. Teens who play sports will see this an believe it is ok to use for their team as well. Also, a drug is a drug, if it is illegal for everyone else no one should get special treatment.

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