Legalization of performance-enhancing drugs in pro sports: Should the use of performance-enhancing drugs be allowed for adults?

  • The use of performance-enhancing drugs should be allowed for adults.

    The use of performance-enhancing drugs should be allowed for adults. I feel this way because pro sports will always have someone that is using performance-enhancing drugs and I think this way it is not a crime and anyone that wants an equal playing field should be allowed to use them if they want to.

  • Enhanced Performance is a Good Thing

    Every advance in sports equipment technology, and dieting and training regimens has been done with the goal of maximizing performance. Performance-enhancing drugs can't make a bad athlete good, they work by allowing dedicated athletes to train harder and more often which still requires a great amount of discipline and dedication.

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  • No sports have a right to keep it out

    Performance enhancing drugs should not be part of pro sports. Pro sports is big on competition and keeping it safe. If you add drugs into the mix you are putting the athletes life at risk and changing the competition completely. There is no need for the drugs in any sports.

  • Creates Drug Culture Lower Down the Line

    If pro sports allow performance-enhancing drugs, then it filters down the line that college and high school athletes would also use them (illegally) to get an edge. Anything that happens at the top filters down the bottom feeders eventually. Allowing PEDs at the pro level will only create an underground drug culture and make PEDs more readily available in college and high school. Young kids don't need any more drugs than they already have access to.

  • No, drugs should stay outta sports.

    I think that the legalization of performance enhancing drugs in sports would ruin the integrity of the sports themselves. I also think that PEDs would start a sort of biological race to see which athletes could pump themselves full of the best drugs, which can have long term side effects.

  • They should remain illegal.

    I think the very last thing professional sports need is the legalization of performance-enhancing drugs. To me, it would be completely immoral and unjustified for this to happen. Not to mention, it could cause a TON of people to raise an eyebrow towards the Government for making such a rather strange decision.

  • Why legalize cheating?

    The whole idea of watching sports is watching the best of the best play their sport. If it was legal to use performance-enhancing drugs then the people who would be playing all the sports would be people on steroid because normal people would not be able to measure up to the enhanced players. It would take the fun out of sports and it would be so unhealthy for all the players who would have to use more and more drugs in order to stay relevant.

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