Legalization of performance-enhancing drugs in pro sports: Should the use of performance-enhancing drugs in sports be legalized?

  • I think it happens too much to not allow every athlete to be on the same level at least

    If every athlete was on performance enhancing drugs there would more fairness in professional sports and would also make them much more interesting to watch as an audience. The situation now is that a select few have been caught and penalized for it but most of the doping in professional sports is completely unseen.

  • Unfair for others

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  • PEDS should stay illegal.

    I think that performance enhancing drugs have no place in sports. I think that the use of performance enhancing drugs ruins the integrity of the game as well as the players playing the game. The drugs themselves are probably not good for humans to take anyways, and this would encourage it.

  • No, that is not sport.

    No, the use of performance-enhancing drugs in sports should not be legalized, because sport is supposed to be a test of who is the best, naturally. A competition where performance-enhancing drugs are allowed is no longer a sport. It has become a science experiment. Athletics are for those who can compete with their natural abilities.

  • No it should not.

    Performance enhancing drugs in pro sports, or any sports for that matter, are not a good idea. The drugs have lasting effects on the people that take them that is one of the reasons they are banned in the first place. Not to mention a drug is not a good way to get better.

  • No, a drugged performer is not a real champion

    An athlete’s performance should be the result of his abilities, not the skills of
    his doctor, coach, or pusher. Scores achieved under the influence of
    performance enhancing drugs are not the real thing. They cannot be compared
    with the historic achievements of sports greats of the past. More important,
    they are not truly superior to the performances of those competitors who refuse
    to cheat by using drugs.

  • Performance enhancing drugs are dangerous

    No. I do not believe performance enhancing drugs should be legalized in pro sports. Actually, they should not be used at all. It is unsafe and unfair to those that do wish to partake in these drugs. The drugs have been know to not only kill their users, but also cause the user to become a danger to those around him or her.

  • Health or morality: either way, nothing good can come of it

    There's nothing healthy about performance enhancing drugs. Taking them regularly is a virtual guarantee of future health problems including a ticket to an early grave. In addition to those issues, the use of performance enhancing drugs sets a dangerous moral precedent for us. What do we gain as a society by showing our children (not to mention some child-like adults) that if you can't succeed on your abilities and talent, you can power up with a handful of pills to make it all better? We have enough cheating and shortcut-taking as it is in this world, let's not make it acceptable.

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