Legalization of performance-enhancing drugs in pro sports: Will legalization make the situation safer?

  • Regulation is better than unregulated use

    We have become too squeamish about particular kinds of drugs. The difference between illegal performance enhancing steroids and a bottle of over the counter Ibuprofen is largely philosophical in nature. If we allow athletes to compete with anything other than raw food and water, we have to admit that they are enhancing their performance with technology.

    The degree to which they use these drugs should be understood and accounted for by a scrupulous oversight committee. Doing so will take the use out of the shadows and allow it to be regulated. The increasingly frequent incidents of athletes taking the fame and notoriety of winning a competition, only to have it later revoked, is unfair to all involved. Once the drugs are regulated, it will even the playing field and regular testing can be done to determine the degree to which the performance enhancing drugs were responsible.

  • It will not.

    The legalization of performance enhancing drugs in pro sports will not make the situation safer for anyone. The use of any drugs are bad for your body, and performance enhancing drugs are not an exception. If anything it will corrupt pro sports, and will harm a lot of people in the process.

  • No, it will not be safer.

    Once performance enhancing drugs are legalized people will abuse them further. People will take massive amounts of steroids once they have no fear of testing. This will lead to a lot of health problems amongst athletes. It could lead to more concussions in football. Ligaments will snap because they can't handle the muscle mass.

  • No it is more dangerous

    The key to sports is to outperform your competition. If you allow drugs into the sport then athletes who have millions of dollars are going to pay people to make better and better drugs. They will take them and the risks will increase of bodily harm or even possibly death.

  • Ruination of Athletics

    I do not believe legalizing performance-enhancing drugs will make anything about sports safer. I believe that sports, as they are, are great for kids to watch, as well as the whole family. If performance-enhancing drugs are legalized, our teams will slowly turn into steroid induced machines with unnatural abilities. I don't think this sends the proper message to anyone, especially those who want to try to break into professional sports.

  • The drugs are not safe

    No, I do not believe that legalizing performance enhancing drugs will make it any safer. The drugs are dangerous to not only the person taking the drug, but also to the people around them. Even if they were legal, it gives the person taking the drug an unfair advantage over those that choose not to. Not to mention the power and performance that the drug induces in addictive and one will only want more.

  • Legalization will not make drugs and is unfair.

    Legalization of performance enhancing drugs will not make the situation safer. They are illegal for various reasons and making them legal would result in an unfair advantage to those that don't take them. It also creates a potential medical problem when playing sports and taking drugs that may not be safe or put extra strain on the body.

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