• Theres nothing wrong with it!

    Gay marriage is not REVOLTING. Any sicko who thinks so is revolting. It's the same as if a girl loved a guy. IT DOESN'T MATTER! It doesn't hurt you! Those people are just like you and me and do not need a bunch of whiny babies running their lives! Or ruining them, for that matter.

  • Live and let live.

    People have the right to live and should be allowed to live life their way unless it hurts others. That includes people who love others of the same sex. Homophobia is no better than racism. They are both forms of discrimination and should be discouraged, because they hurt people. And the Bible bans shaving 3 times, and does not mention gays once!

  • It's just love.

    Gay marriage is just marriage with gay people, nothing wrong with that. Honestly I think its just as cute as a married straight couple.
    Why are people even against it? Because your ancient book told you to? It also says stuff about slavery and women being inferior to men, so don't take that book too seriously.
    It doesn't affect you either, so why should you feel the need to criticize others for their personal decisions to marry?

  • No Harm Done

    Gays getting married does not affect my life in any way shape or form. A family is defined by a group of people who take responsibility for the care and nurturing of individuals. There is no mention of gender specificity. Everyone is entitled to pursue their own happiness providing it does not bring harm to others. Gay marriage fit that bill. Object to it is religious based morality cr*ap.

  • Why do you care?

    Same sex marriage does not affect you, me, or anyone else other than the people getting married. Simple as that. The argument "The bible says..." must be thrown aside, because on the law of separation of church and state. Love is love, and the hormones that determine whether or not you are a homosexual are out of your control. Not only that, but studies have found the homosexuals how are in a religious household, or anyone household against gay marriage, often commit suicide. Do you really want an innocent persons blood on your hands?

  • How does anyone else's life effect you?

    It's not like I'm over here, saying "hey I'm gay, now that you have seen me YOU MUST BE GAY" the only marriage that effects you in any way is yours and your family's. Why do you care so much about the marriage if it's by consenting adults? Why can't people be happy people without hurting anyone? People are people. You can only control you. Don't try to give yourself more power than that. You WILL go insane

  • Gay Marriage is NASTY

    Gay marriage is so wrong, its revolting. I can't even watch the news anymore because that's all they talk about. So no, gay marriage should NOT be legal. But that is just my opinion. How can you people think it should be legal? The Bible says we should not do these things!

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