• Yes, legalized marijuana is America's new cash crop.

    Yes, legalized marijuana will bring a lot of money to the United States. Marijuana can create jobs for a whole lot of out of work Americans and create a new revenue stream for some farmers. Another big thing it could do is create a new tax stream for the United States government.

  • So much revenue!

    There is so much revenue to be had with the marijuana industry! This helps to boost local and state economies especially, with owners and employees pumping money back into circulation, and with taxes being made on the sales. Why no one thought of this sooner is beyond me, as the states that have had it legalized for a while now are showing amazing economic results!

  • Marijuana is America's new cash crop

    Marijuana is America's new cash crop, as it should be. It is high time the government slowly, but systematically begin legalizing it. In fact, it is far too slow of a move to legalization. Let's get this thing going, light up a fatty and start collecting tax revenues, and make millionaires out of some people.

  • Marijuana will help the economy.

    I think that the legalization of marijuana will definitely be beneficial for the economy. It will become an excellent source of income and create a new market which will, in turn, create new jobs and opportunities. I think it will grow to become a major industry in the United States.

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