• Sex is not a bad thing.

    If someone is able to have sex (an amazing natural thing) AND get money for it.... Then you've won. Sex is not a bad thing. Sex helps with stress, pain, nausea, confidence, mental health and lots more. To say people should not have sex if they pay for it is absolutely ridiculous, and denying basic human rights. "No, you are not allowed to have sex, because you gave that person money for it." ...Lolwut?

  • Yes! Legalize It

    Keeping prostitution illegal is far more dangerous to women than prostitution itself. If prostitution were legal, prostitutes could go to the cops if a pimp wanted to muscle in on her business. The industry could be made safer, slowing the spread of STDs and lessening the instances of victimization of both hookers and johns.

  • Yes, legalize it

    It's already common, and its illegal status has done nothing to change that. By refusing to legalize it, we're simply refusing to regulate it. STD's are transferred more often than they would be if it was regulated and you're it's more dangerous to the prostitutes involved. The demand for sexual slavery would also be reduced if prostitution was legalized, as people would already have the option of paying for sex. Not to mention that consenting adults should be allowed to do what they want with their own body so long as it isn't directly affecting anyone else.

  • Why wouldnt we?

    If it can be legalized it can be better regulated and more can be done to protect this women. Obviously the woment would have to do this voluntarily but its their body and they have a right to do what they want. In fact in places that havr legalized the amount of secual assault has gone down.

  • There is a real life example of this

    Many parts of Nevada have legalize prostitution (not Las Vegas though). Is Nevada run rampant with STDs and sex trafficking? No. The prostitution business in Nevada is heavily regulated and taxed, and no cases of AIDS has ever been traced back to a legal prostitute. In fact, it has been found that someone in Nevada is more likely to contract an STD from his/her significant other than from a legal prostitute.

    I think the real reason why people don't want to legalize prostitution is mainly because of media. Prostitutes in movies are displayed as victims of pimps who hook them on to drugs so they have to service people for more drugs. Prostitution in general is associated with violence and immorality, and many people call it "un-Christian" (not a valid reason to make things illegal by the way due to separation of Church and State).
    But the prostitution in Nevada is very clean and well regulated with none of the violence and victimizing of women generally associated with prostitution. Except maybe the immorality is still there. But morality is subjective anyway, so that is besides the point.

  • It is a profession

    Women who CHOOSE to become prostitutes do it because it is an easy way for them to make money and why shouldn't they? If you are capable of providing a service for which there is a great demand, you don't harm anybody and you understand the risks associated with the profession what is the problem?

    I understand that a lot of the concern with prostitution is that some women are forced into it by trafficking gangs etc but the fact that prostitution is illegal makes this problem worse, not better. Imagine a situation where prostitution was legal and regulated, brothels are available on the high street and these are taxed the same way as any other business. The price of prostitutes goes down as more women choose to partake in the profession and the only way human trafficking gangs can use women to make money from prostitution is by a process involving rigorous background checks to set up an official business, or by attempting to undercut legal brothels at the risk of being caught. They would need friends in very high places to pass the background checks to set up a licensed brothel and undercutting them would probably not be a worthwhile option for them.

  • Right to your body

    Having the government own you and tell you what to do with your body is wrong. Its similar to the argument that is made for abortion, women have the right to do with what their body what they choose. Legalizing prostiution would also benefit the community through taxes and reducing the spread of STDs has seen in countries that have already a legalized this.

  • Keep the government away from our bodies

    A person should be able to voluntarily sell their services as they wish at a price without regulation. As many say in other issues, a women has a right to choose what she does with her own body, this idea should also apply if she wants to make a few dollars.

  • It would be what is already happening legally, Escorts.

    Without any prejudice towards the decision of giving oneself for money, If the case were to be prostitution to be legalised, nothing would change and if so, it could only be better, and by better I mean safer for the prostitute and the buyer.
    And even if it wasn't legalised, there is still no stopping someone from buying an escort to a prostitute, no money would be lost, it would obviously be harder to find and can add an element of danger.

  • Not My Deal

    I wouldn't take advantage of legalized prostitution personally but, I also wouldn't stop others from doing so. That's the libertarian way. Prostitution, in my opinion, is disgusting. However, it does not violate individual rights of peace and property so I shouldn't us government to force my beliefs on others. While it is true that prostitution spreads STDs, that is not a problem that the law should deal with. Just as it may increase one's odds of getting the flu to ride a bus, I deal with this by driving a car; so people who have sex for money are taking a risk by their on personal freedom.

  • Humans in general are too dignified for this.

    Humans are to dignified for this type of act. They should not throw their bodies away for some money. They should work hard, find a good mate, and live a clean life. Prostitution can have some dangerous situations also. For example if a woman gets into a car with a serial killer, well we all know what can happen.

  • We really shouldn't

    It is a bad idea to legalize prostitution, but not for all the reasons one may think, I am thinking along the lines of, how are we suppose to incentive's these girls (or guys) to get off the streets and turn there lives around if it is legal? How else are we suppose to help them become productive members of society if we do not discourage them from throwing there lives away?

  • Keep it illegal!

    There is absolutely no reason to make prostitution legal. Over three fourths of prostitutes today are there because of the sex trade. By making prostitution legal, it would just make it easier for pimps to keep women in the trade. Furthermore, these women truly are treated like property. Fifty-seven percent of these women were sexually abused as children, while eighty-two percent have been abused/raped. If prostitution was made legal, conditions would worsen and this kind of behavior would have no consequences.


  • Just imagine if prostitution became a valid occupation for women.

    Prostitues make a lot of money. Enough money for women of all cultures and backgrounds to risk there lives and honor for it. Just imagine if it was made 100% safe and less dishonorable. Women would flock to the trade in droves. Especially women from poverty. I believe all women have a divine purpose and destiny that can't be reached by laying on their backs for a living.

  • Not at home or overseas

    Most people think that legalizing prostitution will protect women, underage kids & & rid the areas of mafia type groups. All the countries that have made it legal are having problems with competing prostitution just down the street from legal brothels. People that follow legal prostitution seek any type of person to satisfy themselves including underage kids.
    Research how legal prostitution protects women in Las Vegas. They fear for themselves just as b4 folks.
    & for those that feel prostitution is victimless, why do families split up cuz of it? & when families split up who pays for that but the rest of us in government assistance. & that doesn't say anything about the hurt of the family affected. Is that OK?
    Also, what does it say about the man that seeks another women while he's married? Such a cop out rather than working on his marriage. Cowards all.

  • Ignore people that sell themselves, their body, their right. Legalization makes .Gov the pimp.

    I am against legal prostitution because then the government will become the pimp. If you personally decide to sell you self, then why should you be penalized? If you are vulnerable and used by a pimp to enrich themselves through the threat of violence, then by all means, the pimp needs a beating.

  • Will never support

    If prostitution is legalized it will diminish womens self worth. Not only will it teach girls it's okay to sell yourself as a sex slave for money. It will also transfer many many diseases and cause more issues. Then you will get into the problem of corners on the streets being filled with prostitutes then you will get fights over women and many more issues.

  • The spread of disease

    If prostitution is legal, there would be a higher percentage of AIDS and HIV. There may be prostitutes who are clean, but the risk is too high if they tell you that they are clean and they aren't. It may be a pleasurable experience at the time, but AIDS and HIV is not so pleasant. It is your body, but it is a smarter choice, because too much of this disease can lead to the human races' downfall. Don't be the rat that hits the pleasure button until it dies.

  • Keep it illegal

    I'm a kid so finding out that you can pay women to have sex with with men is just wrong, in every way you must be really dumb to do this or just plain stupid why don't you men/women know what your doing to your body when your have sex with another women it messes up your body and aren't you people scared that you might get HIV/AIDS and its also dangerous and you don't know what your getting into. Just get a wife have kids grow old and when time comes die and remember the good stuff you did in life not the bad stuff
    -I live in canada so to find this out is a little bit weird and crazy

  • To put simply, it's wrong.

    Not every women involves herself with prostitution because she want's to. What is known as "Survival Sex", whereas a woman is driven toward selling her body to manage herself through homelessness is the striving factor of prostitution. Whether it be voluntary or involuntary, there are risks involved; being done with no regulation who's to say that women is in good hands?

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Esiar says2015-02-06T04:37:03.043
Make up a newer, safer, less preverse job for broke single women.