• Of Course Yes

    There are so many legal things that are much more harmful than pot. Also, medical research has shown the medicinal benefits of pot. Let's face facts. America is paranoid about everything and easily brainwashed. The fools that bought into reefer madness are still alive and well today. In a very real way, America is one big hypocrisy. Alcohol kills millions but it is legal. Pot doesn't kill anyone and we send people to prison for life because of it. That is almost as bad as the man serving a life sentence for stealing tube socks. That is how stupid America can be. Abort a kid --- no problem. Steal tube socks --- off to prison for you.

  • Some states will stand up for what is right.

    Legalizing marijuana will destroy our country and ruin our people. Keep it illegal and that includes for medical use. Some states will not change as true bright , string, and determined conservative states will fight it out and not put up a white flag. Why would you want to make a harmful substance legal for "medical use."

  • Sadly, it's where we're going.

    Yes, other states will follow New York, because people do not realize how harmful marijuana is for you. Marijuana is not filtered. When you smoke a cigarette, there are filters on it to make it safer for you. Not true with marijuana. Marijuana is also dangerous to drive on. It's sad, but people don't get it.

  • Yes, I believe they will.

    If we see that crime has not increased and tax revenue has greatly increased, then yes, I believe other states will follow Colorado and New York's lead in legalizing pot. It would be a great was to bring in revenue without having to raise taxes and could lower costs in the court systems if they won't have to arrest all pot users and dealers.

  • Other States Will Follow New York's Example

    Other states will follow New York's example because that is how things work. If a law is changed in one place, it tends to have a cascading effect on other states. Although there is no need to legalize drugs, there are enough people who want to smoke marijuana in many states to make it happen.

  • Yes, other states will follow New York in legalizing medical marijuana.

    Yes, other states will follow New York in legalizing medical marijuana. Public support for the legalization of medical and recreational marijuana continues to grow. With public support growing, state legislatures in those states that have strict marijuana laws are under much more pressure to change existing policies. Additionally, medical marijuana programs and the legalization of recreational marijuana have been met with overwhelming success in many states. Not only does the legalization of marijuana generate extra tax revenue, but it also lowers the number of first-time drug offenders clogging up the justice system.

    With fewer reasons than ever to restrict the use of marijuana, and public support growing, more states will follow New York's lead in legalizing medical marijuana.

  • It's about damn time

    It's ridiculous to see so many young people imprisoned for a victimless crime. It's a drain on our economy, it breaks families, it destroys communities. All because the right wing in this nation use fear to control the populous, and have done so since the dawn of the 20th century.

  • It's only a matter of time.

    I really don't see why every state hasn't legalized medical marijuana. It has been proven to help people although is still technically federally prohibitted. If the Obama administration clarified that they wouldn't enforce the ban on states from legalizing marijuana then why not do it. Treat it like Alcohol and regulate it.

  • American stubbornness knows no limits.

    There is no reason to believe that other states will not allow this but they were already prone to allow this as it were; the states that would never allow this will be very hard pressed to even bother to look at any such bill and winning them over will be harder than it was to do with the states that are more liberal and willing to accept ideas such as legalized "drug" use despite the hypocrisy of alcohol.

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