• Pat Summit was a trailblazing coach

    Coach Pat Summitt died as a result of complications from Alzheimer's disease. She was known as a pioneering basketball coach who shattered the glass ceiling for the number of the successful games and Olympic medals that she helped her teams win. However, her legacy will extend far beyond the basketball coach: her foundation made great strides in terms of raising awareness about Alzheimer's disease and finding a cure.

  • I think it depends on a few factors.

    It might depend on whether her actions or coaching style is used by other coaches and if she inspired other coaches in their own team sports strategy. If she is remembered for the things she has done there is a chance she'll continue to be an inspiration for other people in sports.

  • Yes, she has a phenomenal legacy.

    Pat Summitt Williams took women's basketball and by herself elevated it to an incredible level. No other coach has ever impacted a sport the way she impacted women's basketball. But she impacted people well beyond sports. She was a pioneering coach who broke the glass ceiling in the world of sports and created a space where female athletes could be respected.

  • I hope so she was a strong inspirational woman

    No doubt about it she has left a mark on the sports world as one of the best basketball coaches for the women's team. But I would like to hope that she will be remembered for more. This was a woman who inspired the girls on her team over the years to finish college which all of them did. She also was someone who battled Alszeimers on her own terms. This was a lady who legacy should be more than just what she brought to the sport of basketball which in itself was impressive.

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