Let's be realistic: Video games don't cause violence or have an affect on today's youth.

Asked by: Rahsmoove
  • Let's be real and rational here

    Why would people think No it was caused by video games, violence in video games doesn't portray violence in real life, do you expect a random GTA player to go insane and start killing people and doing stuff like in GTA, No, No you don't, The reason why people die from people who played video games is probably because they were already insane

  • Yes Video games throughout history have made people violent.

    World War 1, World War 2, Panthay Rebellion = over 1 million dead, Gallic Wars over 1 million dead, Spanish Civil War over 1 million dead, Rwandan Genocide over 1 million dead, Greek genocide over 1 million dead, Paraguayan War over 1 million dead, Mexican Revolution over 1 million dead. All of these were before video games. C'mon people, get real. If you are going to commit murder or whatever, I doubt video games are going to be the reason for it. Think about it logically for a few minutes.

  • Video Games are an easy scapegoat for bad parents.

    Its not the video games that cause the children to act violently, but the way they are raised. If a kid is beaten his whole life, they might be more violent. If a kid has loving parents and a good life, but plays Halo, they don't automatically turn into a homicidal lunatic.

  • Video games don't cause violence or have an affect on today's youth.

    Video games don't cause violence or have an affect on today's youth. I believe that this is true because youths who play these games realize that they are made up and do not reflect the actions in the real world. The only thing that causes violence in the real world is how you are raised and who influences you.

  • Video Games Do Affect Youth, But Not to Violence

    Video games do affect today's youth. There are extreme stories about kids who play video game marathons for 24 hours and die of a blood clot in their legs because they sit down all day. But those are extremely rare cases. Video games encourage hand-eye coordination and concentration. Not all games are about storylines and graphics--some of them are actually educational. Video games don't cause violence, but they do have affects on kids.

  • Video Games Have Been Given A Bad Name

    I have to agree with, video games do not cause violent behavior. People who are prone to violent behavior are going to display the same behaviors, rather they play a video game or not. Same goes for non-violent people. Unfortunately, there are people in this world who do not like violent video games and some of those same people, feel the need to enforce their beliefs on other people.

  • It may not be an underlying cause but it certainly is a proponent of violence

    I am speaking as a long-time gamer and most succesful games for youths are violent games.

    Being succesful at killing people and other things in games, activates your reward center. Violence is made an object of concentration in morals. As something that is somehow honorable, patriotic - natural to humans. This distorts, depending on individual, their view of whether violence should play a part in the future's individual- and national relationships of people and countries.

    Surely you can say there is sometimes historic background involved in games for education, or that it has shown to improve reflexes.

    But would you really say that taking violent video games away is going to deter us of a great number of ways to spend time enjoyably and usefully, or that they really do not have any impact on how people's personalities and actions are affected?

    Sure some games are very specific about the suffering that violence caused, inform us about how horrid past events were due to people rising up to arms to solve conflicts. However, we have so much more games that do not illustrate this side. Also most gamers do not concentrate on the storylines of popular historic war games, because the gameplay is emphasized so much. Much more than not, playing (violent) video games is a way for incredibly young kids, for example, to deter themselves of creativity, social behavior
    (people wanting to connect with like-minded individuals will do so without games, games are just a shortcut to waste a lot more time than to bond) and emphasize their conceptualization of the role of interest in violence in today's culture.

    However you put it, you cannot argue that the current state of violence-related game industry is not a non-useful way for programmers and designers to use their time, and argue that people would enjoy a better quality of life and development of society with dispersing the reception of violent activites' role as something that we could really dwell on so much after all this time of making historically identical video games.

  • Videogames are violent

    Videogames make people violent. They put distance between human and an npc. If someone is mentally unstable, these violent games may become their life. Also, if someone sees a trick in a game they may say, "Whoa, we HAVE TO try that" and get someone injured or killed. Videogames are bad influences on today's youth.

  • There's no proof

    All studies were proven to beinvalid because:
    a. It was just a small levels of aggression, due to frustration.
    B. The gamers were mostly paid.
    C. Sometimes researchers were so desperate, they would even run test on retarded people.

    2. Comic books, and movies were blamed

    3. Youth crimes are down since video games.

    4. Japan, and The Netherlands citizens view and play more violent video games then US citizen and crime is very low there. But here crime is way higher.

    5. Even most people who don't play video games, knows that video games are not responsible. If video Games cause violence, why didn't congress ban IT? Because, It's unconstitutional, and the idea makes no sense.

    6. Many people would say:".... They enjoy playing these games and aren't honest about the harm they can cause."

    I think people would see that happening.

    7. The problem with people who blame video games for violence don't think normally. Out of:
    Mental problems
    Bad Parenting
    Low self-esteem

    It has to be the video games?

    8. No well-known video game store, I know of video would sell a rated M video game to a minor. In fact most encourage parents to use parental control which next gen or, middle age console.

    All I hear about how the army has simulator suits, that are just like video games.
    This is so inaccurate:
    a. These simulation suits are for ACTUALLY training soldiers how to kill with combat, shooting techniques. With video games you, just move your thumbs.
    B. These simulation test don't affect soldiers, and soldiers before they're enrolled in the army, they get a mental checkup.
    C. Some games nowadays do require movement, but does:
    MMA training make me a MMA fighter?
    Does Black tail make me a soldier?
    Does NFL 25 make me a football player?
    Does Kinect adventure make me a great sports man?
    No right, so how does GTA 5 make me a killer?

    9. Violence has existed way before video games and TV were released.
    Check the history ooks

    10.Who's afraid of a gamer? No one.

    No studies have manage to prove there's a correlation between video games and violence. Now shut up, and find something else to blame

  • Let's be realistic: Yes they do

    What a nice, unbiased "question." Sorry, but yes, the ratings given to games are there for a reason, younger minds are more impressionable and high school often puts kids in places mentally that they don't want to be. A violent game isn't going to turn every kid that plays it into a murderer, but if somebody on the edge that is already mentally way off center gets their hands on it, it can certainly develop ideas in their head.

  • Video games do cause violence or have an affect on today's youth.

    Video games have been shown to cause violence in people who play them. Many of the people responsible for shooting rampages have been known to play video games. Video games are dangerous because they glorify violence and they do not show the consequences of these actions. They make violence look fun and innocent.

  • No they dont

    How can games influence children to do crime? You cant say that games influence people to commit murder if in the bible Able killed Cain! You cant say that video games are making children commit murder if we're not the only people that play these games or watch violent movies.

  • They have taught me about life and History

    The call of duty franchise has taught me that when you succeed at doing some thing for a long time you get cocky and arrogant and produce the same s*** every year. Also the WW2 games have taught me about historical battles and events of the war. They have also taught me about the equipment that the solders had at the time. But you are correct in the fact that it dose not turn people violent, but are incorrect when you say that it has no effect at all.

  • To say that anything we experience, let alone something that we become mentally immersed in, has no effect is patently mistaken.

    Establishing causality is a big statistical mess and beyond the scope of this debate board.

    I will say instead that the danger from video games is the dehumanization and depersonalization it allows the player to affect in his conduct with game characters or other players. I draw a correlation to the way drivers behave in cars, where they have limited visibility of the other person, limited ability to communicate, and therefore cease to think of other drivers as people, and instead as cars or obstacles, with emotions projected onto them. I think games are much the same because they allow people to act without real consequence, and its that lack of real social feedback that is ultimately threatening to a developing mind, or any mind, realistically. And that said, it's really only a detriment to the degree that it impacts functioning. So, if a group of people all share the same video game norms, they might get along just fine, for example. I am a proponent, however, of maximizing natural feedback in all areas of life.

    Now I will grant that some games are worse than others, and many of these effects can be offset by real social feedback in other areas of life.

  • Video gaming can influences behavior

    Tell you the truth in high school, video games are actually very popular cause it's something that everyone enjoys. The problem with it though is that, it can actually shut your brain to where you're not actually paying attention to the kind of stuff that is going on around you.

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