• Ye thas gud

    Why is the spam even a thing? Why is this cesspool of garbage even maintained? Who enjoys it, And who is infuriated enough to waste time clicking on it to react negatively? I saw the ENDLESS "hI i'M tHe JoKeR lOl HahA gO bRrRr" yet felt no compulsion to interact with it. I handled it by realizing that I was in the "New" section and moving to one of the several other tabs with legitimate (albeit biased and inevitably dichotomic) debate topics and a few somewhat funny joke posts.

  • We cannot hear you la la la!

    Why don't we ignore all the spam on this site. The only reason why Joker, Fat Spammer, Body Shammer, And Jamal and his mommy spam this site is because they want us to react. If we stop responding to them, They might go silent because all they want is our reaction. Join me Debate. Org members and lets fight these spammers with our silence.

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