Lets pretend there is a button that, when pressed, kills every tyrant and powerful enemy in the world. Every cult leader, every terrorist mastermind, every human trafficker, could all die in the push of a button. Would you press that button?

Asked by: Flipper72725
Lets pretend there is a button that, when pressed, kills every tyrant and powerful enemy in the world. Every cult leader, every terrorist mastermind, every human trafficker, could all die in the push of a button. Would you press that button?
  • Yes I would

    When you have murderous despots, especially ones threatening your own country, you need to take action. In the Vietnam War, right after the Tet offensive, Nixon said "Ok, that's it" and blew up Vietnam. A few weeks later, the Vietnamese surrendered. Same with this. If we can get rid of every terrorist and sick minded loser, this world would be a much better place to live in.

  • It would be defense

    Looks like all the nay-sayers are Hindu. I think I would to defend the innocent. I may change my mind if I knew what they meant by "cult leaders" though. I believe in defense, even if it means killing people. Anyone who votes not to this should (logically) be upset with their countries participation in any kind of war or policing.

  • All evil ppl must vanish

    Yes I think that all the evil ppl of the world should just be ported to a deserts island somewhere in their personal dimention that makes it so they can never leave. That would make me happy that ppl will no longer have to suffer at the hands of other humans..

  • Yes I would:

    I would push the button as it would make the world a peaceful place, for a time because more people will become what they were. Where there is good there will always be evil no matter how hard we try to forget or get rid of evil it will always be there watching us.

  • It is justified killing.

    There is no way around it. By definition murder is murder. But your killing people who would kill or cause harm to other people. If you kill them, they won't be able to harm anyone ever again. In a way your saving innocent peoples lives. People think murder is murder is murder, and they won't harm anyone, yet they say they want to do something about it. This lawful evil approach is unpopular, but the scum bags of the world are like leeches with no remorse for the families they destroy and the people they kill. Peace through action.

  • Assuming the list only means evil cult leaders

    Some cults are harmless, they have some weird chants and rituals but they don't kill people or do anything like that. Let those cult leaders live. But against every other cult leader and everyone else in this list I would press that button.

    The people in this list pose a horrific threat to innocent life. Pressing the button is self-defense. Unless there was another button I could press to teleport all of them into a cell in a maximum security prison. Then I would press that button instead.

  • I would indeed.

    I could prevent murder, rape, torture, extortion, corruption, everyone would have healthcare, every doctor would be paid, etc. I am liberal, but damn, I need to think for myself, you know? Ah Hell, here goes the word minimum think again, good grief. How many more words now? Three? Are you kidding me?

  • These are unjustified deaths

    We don't know if these people would change after being punished for what they did. This is technically not giving any second chances to people who have the same ability to b good as to be bad. Most of these people are just ill and believe to have a justified reason to what they are doing.

    Secondly, if there was no evil, what would we see as good? And what if more evil people are born (very likely)? Then that button will need to be constantly pressed again and again.

  • No I wouldn't

    Agree or disagree tyrants and terrorists and cult leaders etc. Create problems but they also make room for improvement and brings people together. I think that if you got rid of all the bad, we wouldn't be able to appreciate the good. We wouldnt get the chance to stand as a united front.

  • There has to be bad for there to be good

    I do know that people can do many horrible things in this world but that doesn't mean they deserve to die, because I know that in their mind they may have thought they were doing the right thing. For example, the taliban in afhganistan truly think and have their opinions that what they are doing is the right thing. Now not all members of the taliban might think that but there are probably a few.
    Another point is that without all these bad people in this world where would we get stories of heroism an amazing people like that. Life would become boring and pointless, because how can anyone be good if there is no bad to rise up agianst it.

  • No. It wouldn't stop anything. And the cult leaders shouldn't die either.

    Bad tyrants will always be around, however sometimes it can be good. Take china for example. Although it may have oppressive leaders, the importance they have in the global economy is significant and is maintained by their leaders. Destroy chinas leaders, and you shut down their economy, throwing the world into a global crisis.

  • It wont solve anything.

    No matter how many tyrants and awful people there are in the world, killing all of them would be a temporary release, but the void would almost instantaneously be filled by more corrupt rules and awful, disgusting people. Death never solves anything, its like the end of WW1. Yes Germany 'lost' and one of the world's deadliest wars was finally over, but the German people blamed it on the Jews and due to ally sanctions, Germany became the most vile state in human history.

  • Because then am i not the tyrant, powerful enemy?

    Being the reason for their death gives me the power that they had. They are considered to be the way they are because people don't agree with their strategies and how they think. I might consider what i do right, but someone out there will disagree and will want to push the button to get rid of me. So no i wouldn't kill them but i don't blame people for wanting to. Injustice is very prominent in our society.

  • It would do more bad than good.

    Like it or not, most tyrants are sources of stability. Killing all of these people would just cause more people like them to take their place, upsetting the natural order in the process. It is far better to address the root causes of these peoples' existence rather than just trimming the stem of the weed.

  • No right to end other lives.

    Although they have done evil, we have no right to kill everyone of them. Pushing that button would make you stoop as low as them as it is basically mass murder. Those people have families as well whom they care for. We are all human and murdering them won't solve anything. New evil would just rise, and would you push that button over and over again?

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devinni01841 says2013-09-12T04:41:38.550
I truthfully don't know the answer to this question. On the one hand, they are tyrants and similar evil people. On the other, if this button exists, does it only work once? What other ramifications come with it? What is the consequence for pushing that button?
Ragnar says2013-09-12T04:53:41.303
Well it'd kill several people we like, but I'd push it.