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They don't contribute anything.

  All the SJWs do is scream at people who have dissenting opinions when ttey clearly aren't welcome on this site. They should be banned so we can have a actual conversations about the dangers of homo ideology without them autisticly screeching about "muh trans/homophobia" The site is made for DEBATES after all, Not moral panicking over someone having different opinions.
Biancardi says2020-05-04T21:51:37.160
Your entire post is a horrible straw man of LGBT people. Very few LGBT people just "scream at people" with "dissenting opinions. " Most LGBT people are really just reasonable, Normal people. Most LGBT people are just as capable of debate as we are.

Furthermore, Your biases are very clearly showing. You are presupposing that homosexuality is "dangerous" and seem to believe that all LGBT people will "autistically screech" while having "moral panicking. " It is very clear that you are biased against LGBT people.

I would argue that you are precisely an example of why LGBT people NEED to be welcomed here. You are clearly stuck in your own point of view. People like you need to see things from other perspectives. That's part of how we grow as people. LGBT people can provide that perspective that you are lacking.
SuperReader says2020-05-04T22:14:54.813
Not all LGBTQ+ people are SJWs. See this site:
https://www. Asexuality. Org/en/topic/162884-are-sjws-a-threat-to-society/
The people posting on that are LGBTQ+, And they disagree with SJWs.
Sven-Olof_Lindholm says2020-05-04T22:29:27.297
Maybe not all of them but most are definitely mentally ill social justice warriors.
SuperReader says2020-05-04T22:31:07.237
What's your proof? Give me a source.
Sven-Olof_Lindholm says2020-05-04T22:36:37.077
Litteraly every single interaction I've ever had with the things. And every single interaction the people I know has had too.
SuperReader says2020-05-04T22:50:20.873
Give me an example.
Sven-Olof_Lindholm says2020-05-04T22:54:50.207
I was on a discord server and the discussion we had eventually turned into a discussion on LGBT issues, I maintained that factually a man cannot be a woman and homosexuality is unnatural as its counter to the purpose of sex. For having these opinions I got yelled at and eventually banned.
Sven-Olof_Lindholm says2020-05-04T22:55:57.303
Most of these LGBT indentified individuals also confessed to having various mentall illnesses.
SuperReader says2020-05-04T23:06:19.180
I'm sorry you got banned. Those people shouldn't have banned you, They should have let you have your opinion. However, That doesn't define everybody in the LGBTQ+ community. Just beacuse these people have other mental illnesses, That doesn't mean being LGBTQ+ is a mental illness.
Sven-Olof_Lindholm says2020-05-05T09:02:51.637
The T part is litteraly about denying reality
SuperReader says2020-05-05T16:27:18.817
No, The T part is about embracing reality.
Sven-Olof_Lindholm says2020-05-06T15:21:47.930
No? It's about denying biological sex to indulge in some wierd perverse sexual fantasy
A_Lesbian_libral says2020-05-06T15:22:40.183
Everyone is welcome on this site. Literally everyone. I don't scream at others, I'm here to help others understand our perspective, And for me to be able to understand yours.
I've seen your debates, And they are very unprofessional and homophobic. I am happy to discuss and debate opinions because that's what this site is for. We have every right to be here, As do you
SuperReader says2020-05-06T15:56:16.130
@Sven-Olof_Lindholm, It's about becoming who you truly are.
Also, Thank you @A_Lesbian_liberal.
Sven-Olof_Lindholm says2020-05-06T19:56:02.517
@SuperReader facts don't care about feelings, And the facts say a male cannot be a female. If someone was born with a penis they are a man and if they were born with a vagina they are a woman.

@A_Lesbian_libral Maybe you personally don't but others certainly do, Like that tranny in the comments of a debate I was in that you might or might not have seen. I don't care if my opinions are "unprofessional" I am not a public figure, I have no reason to sugarcoat my opinions to make them more appealing. Oh, Of course, I'm "homophobic" because I have different views on homophilia am I?
SuperReader says2020-05-06T22:27:21.387
@Sven-Olof_Lindholm, The facts are that you can choose your gender.
Sven-Olof_Lindholm says2020-05-06T22:34:14.523
Nice cope, You are obviously delusional.
SuperReader says2020-05-06T22:44:43.030
What do you mean?
Sven-Olof_Lindholm says2020-05-07T05:06:14.650
You think gender is a choice and you have provided zero evidence for this.
SuperReader says2020-05-08T01:01:43.957
Why shouldn't it be a choice?
Sven-Olof_Lindholm says2020-05-11T11:17:19.860
Absolute moron
SuperReader says2020-05-11T14:48:29.487
Answer my question, Why shouldn't it be a choice?
Sven-Olof_Lindholm says2020-05-12T07:50:58.243
Biology you moron
SuperReader says2020-05-12T14:57:40.153
Gender is not the same thing as sex.
Sven-Olof_Lindholm says2020-05-12T18:32:52.827
Yes? Prove me wrong then.
SuperReader says2020-05-12T20:37:00.110
Sex is, As you say, Biological. Gender is what you are, And what pronouns you use.
According to google dictionary, This is the definition of sex (at least the kind we're talking about): either of the two main categories (male and female) into which humans and most other living things are divided on the basis of their reproductive functions.
Part of the definition of gender, According to google dictionary, Is: The term is also used more broadly to denote a range of identities that do not correspond to established ideas of male and female.
Sven-Olof_Lindholm says2020-07-08T13:08:20.487
Gender definition: "either of the two sexes (male and female)"
Sven-Olof_Lindholm says2020-07-08T13:08:22.847
Gender definition: "either of the two sexes (male and female)"
Sven-Olof_Lindholm says2020-07-08T13:08:25.250
Gender definition: "either of the two sexes (male and female)"
killerninja112 says2020-07-10T11:07:58.167
What Dangers of homo ideology
bobfasdfsadf says2021-02-04T18:01:20.377
Well if we ban them it is technically against the first commandment. Freedom of speech
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