LGBT "people" and their sympathizers should be banned of this site.

  • They don't contribute anything.

    All the SJWs do is scream at people who have dissenting opinions when ttey clearly aren't welcome on this site.

    They should be banned so we can have a actual conversations about the dangers of homo ideology without them autisticly screeching about "muh trans/homophobia"

    The site is made for DEBATES after all, Not moral panicking over someone having different opinions.

  • Due to the first point, I agree

    I was originally going to disagree with this and say "No, They shouldn't be banned, Otherwise who would I debate with? "

    BUT. . .

    I saw the first post supporting this debate and I'm going to have to agree with them. They often don't do anything besides scream about how religion is evil and often contradict their "love is love" statement by viciously saying straight people shouldn't even THINK to consider themselves to ever want to be LGBT, Despite them being all for "equality". I say all for one and one for all, But apparently not even these "progressive people" seem to get that.

    Now, If they were able to have progressive debates without panicking, That would be totally epic. I would be in full support of having them around to debate with. But they take everything personally and can't even have a debate without screaming and having a panic episode. They also all seem to have the same cut and paste morals and attitude toward things. . . They're a bore to debate with.

  • Freedom of Speech

    No matter whether you agree or disagree with someone's statements or opinions, They still deserve to be able to express themselves without fear of persecution. There will never be situations which everyone agrees with, And if you are going out to hunt for debates on subjects, Then you need to be open to debate with people with differing views and backgrounds. There would be no point if you silenced everyone who you disagreed with, Or did not like for any prejudiced reason that you have.

    The world is full of a diverse range of people, And you need to come to terms with that, Unless you isolate yourself from society for the rest of your life.

  • In order for true debates to occur, There must be people you don't agree with.

    Here's an idea: let's make a debate website where everyone agrees with each other! That way, No arguments break out. Doesn't that sounds like a shitty idea? It is. There needs to be people who disagree with each other in order for productive debates to occur. Stating that all leftists who support the LGBTQ community is hypocritical stereotyping. As the token "racist kid" in my class (I'm just mildly conservative), I've had amazing debates with SJWs that left us both able to find a middle ground between our ideologies. I've also had countless debates with alt-right and anti-LGBTQ individuals who were extraordinarily disrespectful and resorted to what you would call "autistic screeching" which ended up with them ignoring my arguments and repeating theirs, Achieving absolutely nothing in terms of productive conversation. If, As a conservative individual, You want free speech, Then you should be prepared to let everyone else be able to speak freely.

  • You can't be close-minded

    Just because you don't agree with an opinion does not mean it shouldn't be allowed. This website is literally made for people to debate about opposing opinions. What you're saying is completely against the purpose of debate, And just goes to show how close-minded you are. Instead of doing what this site was made for and actually having a debate about this topic, You are too scared, Close-minded, And stubborn to even try, And instead request for us to be banned because of who we are. We are here to grow some balls and debate, Not run away and disallow others from debating their opinions. You don't have to agree with us, That's what we are here to do though. To disagree and debate. We have the right to share our opinion on a site literally designed to debate on opinions/

  • LGB people have a right to be here

    Even if Leftists (not Liberals) are wrong about literally everything, They still have a right to be here and have a voice. Communists, However, I'd be on board with. Since Communists aren't people. Well, Not just Communists. . . Nazis, Fascists, And pretty much anyone who supports any kind of Totalitarian form of Government that relies on murder and intimidation to maximize power, And limit freedom.

    No actual human being would support Authoritarianism, In any form.

  • They still deserve a right to state their stances

    I believe this site is extremely cancerous and very rarely does it bring an interesting thoughtful discussion, But everyone should be able to express their opinions. LGBT people are still people and they still have rights. This is a private website but I think it will destroy the integrity of the site if they purposefully segregate or delete an opinion purely because of someone's sexual orientation or lifestyle. If you do disagree with an LGBT stance you should provide evidence and a thoughtful constructive argument in order to prove your ideas. Don't be a little puta.

  • LGBT people have just as much a right to be here as you do

    If we are to have true, Intellectual debate, Then we must welcome people of diverse backgrounds. If we decide to ban groups based on certain characteristics, Then we risk becoming an echo chamber in which people have their views and opinions validated. That would undermine the basis of debate. If people with differing opinions are not allowed, Then we will never have any fruitful debates.

    Furthermore, LGBT people have done nothing to warrant a ban. This idea is not based in evidence. It is merely the attempt of a bigot to silence the opinions of those who disagree.

  • I may not agree with your opinion, But I will fight for your right to have it.

    While I agree that LGBT is wrong, I believe that they should have to right to state their beliefs. One of the biggest problems today is the attack on freedom of speech. Freedom of speech means that one can state their beliefs freely without being banned, Attacked, Shut down, Or silenced. So yes, I believe that LGBQ is wrong. That is not hated speech, That is merely me stating my beliefs. Should I be banned for saying them? No. And neither should LGTBQ people be banned for stating theirs.

  • They have a right to post

    Not everyone will agree with you. They are wrong in my opinion but they should still share their thoughts. Who knows maybe they will be convinced in the error of their ways.
    That is called censorship and censoring things will not stop them. You best chance is to convince people they are wrong than make enemies.

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