• Anyone should be allowed to go to the church. We they love doesn't matter.

    God loves everyone, and we’re all sinners; so welcome them with open arms. 20 verses out of the 30,000 say "homosexuals" cannot go to heaven. I don't believe that's enough to even make an argument about. I don't hear people saying, "God loves everyone except if your gay". That wouldn't even make since.
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    Open Minds
    Open Doors

  • Yes Indeed I Agree

    I have to agree with you on this :). I am a firm conservative but all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God (Romans 8:29). I see no reason why the LGBT community can't come to my church on Sundays :).
    Compassion, Love, Tolerance, and Christian Love for all

  • Yes, but after trial.

    If someone is gay, (for all intensive purposes) they could not say that they are Christian or any religion that has the same beliefs. Marriage under god is only between man and women, no other. I will not say that any human should be denied the right to enter the house of god. In my religion it is the idea to spread Christianity to any non believers, and according to gays (for all intensive purposes) beliefs of same sex marriage and so on, they can believe in god but not the Christian faith. Allow them in the church to worship god but not the faith for it would be wrong in certain sense. Tell them that they will be approached by people attempting to have them fully believe in their religion and they cannot avoid it and if they do not appreciate it they may find another church, it is not the church's responsibility to compensate for their idea.

  • Yes, they can come to church.

    The church wouldn't be the church if it didn't accept and preach the gospel to all people, regardless of their status or the nature of their sins. However, a church should have the right to deny membership to people who are clearly living in sin. That would be the same as permitting it. (I believe the same thing for people who are having sexual relationships with people outside their marriage or before marriage, and for people with serious addictions - or any other kind of sin - who are not looking for help stopping.)

  • Of Course they can.

    They are most certainly allowed to go to any church, all sin is the same. Not allowing an LGBT person to come to church is the same as not letting a liar come to church. I can't think of why someone would say no. Now the church doesn't have to accept the LGBT lifestyle, but they can must let them come to their church.

  • Depends on the Church

    The church have rights to deny people who want to join or go to service, especially if they are 100 percent against what the people are. The church would not deny them because of the person themselves, but what the person has become. No one is born gay, they simply believe they are so the church has the right to deny them because of their belief.

  • Does a Black Individual have a Right to Klan Membership?

    I am a Free Will Methodist but you do not see me trying to join the Presbyterian Church to 'change them from the inside' to renounce their belief in Predestination.

    If homosexuals cannot find a church that abandons biblical teaching about Sodomy so that the Church beliefs fit their lifestyle, then they should just have to have the good character to start their own church/group that is similar to the church they wanted to join but does allow for practicing Sodomy.

  • It's a church's right.

    It's a church's right to let who they want in and prevent who they don't want in from going to that church. You wouldn't let a pedophile in a school, would you? If a group does not support those who disagree with their collective belief, then those individuals should not be allowed to join said group.

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