Liberals allege Trump has conflicts of interests: Do the American people care?

  • Yes, people care about conflict of interest with Trump.

    I believe that people who follow and understand politics and business are concerned about conflicts of interest. I think that there is a large segment of the population who would care more if they fully understood what was going on. Conflicting interests could affect our lives in many political, economic, and diplomatic ways. These should be investigated and resolved as much as possible before he takes office officially.

  • Most people do care

    A great majority of people do care about his conflicts of interest. Trump has shown no ethical or moral standards throughout his entire campaign, and isn't changing now. The majority of Americans voted against Trump, and I guarantee they care. I'm even willing to bet that there are a small few that actually voted for him that care about these conflicts of interest. It shouldn't be happening.

  • No, the American people do not care about Donald Trump's conflicts of interest.

    No, the American people do not care about Donald Trump's conflicts of interest. It seems that the American public is more interested in sensationalized news and Trump's ridiculous tweets than substantive issues regarding whether or not he will keep our best interests in mind as president. While some liberals may care, the public in general does not.

  • He will do a good job.

    Everyone knows that Trump is a jerk. They decided that he was still the better choice than Clinton. The American people are prepared to allow him to be a jerk as long as he is able to do well with business. Trump has already shown his willingness to take a leadership role in business.

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