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  • You've got the best jokes

    Libs are a lower form of intelligence deserving of nothing more than a cold execution, Rats are more likely to enter the kingdom. Every single honest and competent purely material study has revealed that lefties are, Overall, Less healthy and stable, Their education typically lies in worthless fields such as gender studied and journalism, Etc. Weep for these imprisoned and restricted shells

  • Science science science

    We are all the human species, Or homo sapiens. Science has not proven any of us to not be homo sapiens, And a lot of people have gotten DNA tests so their DNA hasn't said they are not homo sapiens, So they are most likely still homo sapiens. Though, Humans do do a lot of bad things (not necessarily Liberals but a lot of different people) that people would call "inhumane. "

  • The only people you've ever disagreed with are humans

    This is a complete truism, Unless OP has debates with cats and dogs, They must know that only humans engage in politics and debate. The category of 'human' is fairly objective, But it is certainly the case that only humans make arguments and hold political opinions - even animal cognition is very very limited in the ability to acknowledge ones own existence and perspective.

  • Oh, I wish I wasn't Human, But alas

    Oh, I WISH that I wasn't a human, But alas, I must suffer through all the problems specific to us humans(i. E. COVID-19). I also must know that I am a part of the same species as homophobes, Transphobes, Racists, Sexists, And other bigots. Along with this, I must know I am part of the same species as creationists, Flat-Earthers, Climate change deniers, And other people who's opposition to science is hurting this species. I wish I was not a human like all the people who harm people and animals. I wish I was not a member of the most destructive species alive today.
    So yes, We are humans. If we weren't, You would hear a great amount of cheering from me.

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FormerLeftist says2021-04-29T18:28:09.053
Liberals are humans, Except they have the intelligence of rocks. A mentally handicapped goldfish is more intellectually capable than a typical liberal

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