Liberals claim Russian election hack: Did Russia really influence the U.S. election?

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  • Elections can't be hacked

    Trump won because he was voted by the American people. Also, the ballot box are not on the world wide web, so that it would be impossible to hack from overseas. Therefore, it is impossible to hack the election. Also, there are many ways to protect the election results, such as vote recounts, as America is a fully functioning democracy

  • No, I don`t think so.

    Something more relevant that can be taken from this if the CIA charges are correct. The CIA never said the Russians created fake emails, just that they released ones that they are being accused of taking from the DNC. How about we focus on the lies and not who exposed them?

  • No, Russia did not really influence the U.S. election.

    No, Russia did not really influence the U.S. election, although Russian hackers certainly attempted to do so. The U.S. election happened in a very compartmented way: each precinct had its own ballots to be tallied, and many of these were not electronic. Precincts that did have electronic-only voting used machines that were not connected to the Internet, so it would have been nearly impossible for hackers to have affected the outcome in terms of manipulating the vote totals. The release of information by the Russian hackers was intended to sway voters away from Hillary Clinton, but she still won the popular vote, so it is unclear whether this had any effect at all. There is certainly not enough information available to conclude that Russian hackers affected the outcome of the U.S. election.

  • Russia did not influence the election to any significant extent

    Assuming Russia is responsible for providing Wikileaks with the documents that they dumped that still does not mean that Russia had any noticeable impact on the election. There has not been an accusation that the content of those emails was erroneous. Accordingly the complaint from the liberals is simply that Mr. Podesta's emails should not have been leaked because that prevented the Clinton Campaign from controlling their narrative with their chosen facts. That may not be the preferable way to run a campaign, but it is not the cause for Hillary's debacle of a campaign.

  • No, Russia was not capable.

    Russia was not capable of influencing the election, because ultimately it is the people of the United States who had to vote. Russia could not take people by the hand and tell them to vote in a certain way. Russia did not corrupt the ballot box. The people of Russia were allowed to have opinions, but that didn't change the outcome of the election.

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