LIBERALS: Do you think the ideology of conservatism should be banned out of US politics?

Asked by: sophiejohnson024
  • Absolutely. It is out of hand.

    Racism, bigotry, and theocracy are virtues of the conservative. Worst of all, they continually seek to pass unconstitutional legislation and refuse to address threats like climate change. Their basic disregard for a functioning government is treasonous as we're nearing 300 days with a SCOTUS vacancy and four years into a GOP obstruction policy in Congress.

    At least it should be outlawed. At best, we tattoo a "TP" for Trump Pence on them, so rational people know who the Unamericans are in this country.

  • Liberals destroy this country and conservatism is the only ideology to fit into the US in order to make this country better.

    I think liberalism should be banned out of US politics because it puts the US into shame. This country needs to ban gay marriage, put God into schools, ban gun control, ban abortion, shut down all mosques, deport all illegal immigrants, and build a high wall on the US-Mexican border.

  • No ideology should be banned

    Im laughing because for the record this poll thus far is 100% no while the one where it asks conservatives if liberalismshould be banned is 100% yes. Really shows you which group actually keeps American values.
    Country is about the right to an ideology and opinion and freedom to speak your mind. So even though they clearly dont believe in the rights if those they disagree with at keast some of them, im going Chomsky fir this one "If we dont believe in freedom of expression fir people we despise then we dont believe in it at all."

  • Liberals don't deny freedom...

    Conservatism isn't even a horrible ideology. I'd say I'm a conservative on some points, however American conservatism is much more extreme. I think there are times that are necessary for conservatism, other times for liberalism, other times for other things. It depends on what the issues are and the best way to fix them. Now, am I an extreme right-wing uneducated delusional short-sighted irresponsible American conservative? Nah. I think gays should be able to marry. I think people should be able to live in this country. : )

  • Then america won't be a democracy

    If we do not allow conservatism there will be no freedom of thought or speech and considering that there are almost no liberal politicians that have a sane thinking matter (black lives matter, Global feminism etc) that are just extreme. We need right wing politics to keep freedom of speech

  • Not at all.

    Though I vehemently oppose conservatism for the most part, it should not be banned from the political system. Here we have freedom of thought and a representative democracy. As long as there are a good number of conservatives they deserve to be afforded representation in the government, anything else would be repression.

  • I HATE CONSERVATIVE POLITICS... But I love Democracy more

    While I think Conservative Politics is the closest thing to evil for it targets the poor and attacks those in need to help increase the wealth of the elite - people should still have the democratic right to believe in it (even if that is incredibly bad for a country). Banning it is worse. America must have a democracy and unfortunately this means they should be allowed conservative politics.

  • There's no need.

    There is no need to ban any ideology. If the public really does not want conservatism in their nation's gov't. The only thing they have to do is not vote. Besides, more options is always better, and gives the public a greater variety of parties and platforms to choose from.

  • No, absolutely not.

    Liberals want a diverse society, and in order to have that you have to allow other people to express their opinions. As a conservative, I understand where liberals are coming from on some things. I think gays should have the right to marry, and I do believe in global warming. But should we grant amnesty to illegal aliens, ban guns, and force religion out of the public square? No, no , and no. Everyone has their rights.

  • No, absolutely not.

    As a self-identified liberal myself, I do not believe in banning anything simply because I detest or disagree with it. Conservatism is one of those things. People should have the freedom, and right to associate themselves with whatever political ideology they choose. Are the majority of components of right wing ideology rooted in fear, bigotry and protecting the "status quo"? Yes, and while these things should be limited for the betterment of all citizens in society, someone's ability to believe in and support it should not. That is not what being a liberal is all about.

  • Some of its policies are good.

    For a country to be democratic, there needs to be more than 1 ideology. Only then somebody will question the other when they do something wrong. Also, I agree on some Conservative policies, as I think they would be better for the country as a whole. I believe in stuff like Gun Rights and the Death Penalty.

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Midnight1131 says2015-05-16T15:30:45.243
You should ask the same question again, but this time ask if conservatives think liberalism should be banned out of US politics.