Libertarianism: Is Libertarianism economically beneficial?

  • Yes, libertarian-ism is advocating for human rights.

    The essence of libertarian-ism is:
    1) People have a right to life, liberty, and property.
    2) It is the Government's job to enforce those rights, to make sure that they are not infringed.
    3) It is not the Government's job to provide. This is because the Government is force, and only force.
    4) As a result of 1-3, if the Government meddles with the economy, it is necessarily violating human rights.
    5) Therefore, free markets are the best way of promoting economic stability, prosperity, and human rights.
    So, no, libertarian-ism is not "an economic program for the one percent," it is an economic program for the one hundred percent. It does not protect the one percent any more than the ninety-nine percent, it gives them equality in their rights.

  • Yes,libertarian-ism is economically beneficial.

    Libertarians Do not favor the rich,And Business need minimum regulations not No regulations or what is currently today excessive regulations and nuts wanting even more regulations,Similar to more laws will solve the problem when it usually makes things worst.Increasing prices,preventing employment with minimum wage laws,cutting hours of employment with no company health insurance.If they are a bad business they go out of business and if they break the law they get sued or get put in jail.

  • Libertarianism is not economically beneficial.

    Libertarianism is not economically beneficial. When people believe that they can do every thing and they do not need any government help whatsoever, they set off on a slippery slope. When they start they business and do not have the government in the back when they fail to catch them, the economy suffers.

  • An economic program for one percent.

    Libertarianism, as defined in the American context, is simply economic policies that favor the rich, or as they are often called now, the "one percent". It is simply a code word for removing any forms of regulations and restrictions that may hinder the profit margins of corporations and their rich benefactors.

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