Libertarianism: Is the Libertarian viewpoint left wing?

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  • Libertarianism is left wing concerning social issues, right wing concerning economics

    The Libertarian viewpoint is strongly in support of individual rights, and supports an almost anarchist view of social values. Generally Libertarians support the legalization of all drugs, all marriage, all religious beliefs, all social behavior which does not directly harm another individual. For example, a Libertarian would support ones right to participate in drug use, but not in forcing it upon another. Libertarians are actually right wing concerning economics, with a strong belief in free trade, free markets, free wages, without minimums, and fewer social programs. There is great variation among Libertarians though, just as there is in Democrats and Republicans.

  • Libertarians = young conservatives on drugs.

    Go on facebook and search for all the Libertarian pages that are available. Almost all of them are filled with confused conservatives. They talk about the same things the Republican pages do. They want liberty and free markets and they hate Obama and they post stupid pictures of snakes that say don't tread on me.

    Look at a picture of a group of Libertarians meeting up and you will notice that it is a giant crowd of younger conservatively dressed white people. The only difference I see is that Libertarians want drugs to be legalized, everything else is garbage sloganeering.

    Clinton freed up some regulations in the 90's and big businesses exploited it until they were caught and the economy collapsed. This idea of free markets and other sloganeering based around freedom makes people feel all heroic and noble inside, but it is not realistic and has no logical basis in reality as a system that could work.

  • No, it is right wing.

    No, the Libertarian view is not left wing, because the left wing is the wing that wants to control everybody. Liberals believe that people cannot do anything for themselves, and that they need the government to control people and make decisions for them. This is the opposite of the libertarian viewpoint, which believes people will do well if only left for themselves.

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