Libertarianism: Is the Libertarian viewpoint right wing?

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  • In a general sense no

    To make a broad label, conservatives tend to lean with more traditional viewpoints as opposed to liberals that lean to more progressive ones. Libertarians can not really be put in this spectrum. Their whole principle is supporting individual rights, limiting the state imposing upon those rights, respecting the concept of the individual to make their own choices without government coercion, and no one has the right to deprive another of their rights as long as they are no violating the rights of others.

  • Not on Social Issues

    Libertarian views on economic issues can be considered right wing, but their policies with respect to civil liberties and social issues are decidedly not. For example, libertarians favor the legalization of drugs, support the ability of homosexual couples to marry, and are very skeptical of concentrated and militaristic police powers.

  • A Libertarian can be either liberal or conservative.

    I am a Libertarian myself, so I know what I am talking about. Libertarians come from all political views. There are both conservative and liberal Libertarians. In general, Libertarians are economically conservative but socially liberal. In other words, they believe that the government should cut spending but that people should be able to do what they choose (as long as it is not hurting another person.)

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