• Left in my case

    I'm a libertarian and I would say I'm more left sided , but the majority of the time libertarians are more left sides with social issues like gay marriage and abortion but when it comes to economic issues they lean more towards the right. Not always the case but usually

  • Left for me

    Original libertarians in Europe were left wing socially and economically, "laissez faire capitalist" libertarians are quite new. In a left libertarian society workers are simultaneously the owners of their business , it differs from regular socialism and communism as in a left libertarian society you would not be forced to give up your products. All fruits of ones labor are theirs to keep or exchange, so long as they were the ones who made it.

  • Libertarians are neither.

    Libertarians are mostly left when it comes to social issues. However, they are right when referring to economical issues. In other words, libertarians are socially liberal, but economically conservative. Libertarians are not always socially liberal though. They believe in the second amendment (guns), which it seems most liberals do not. Libertarians are basically non-religious conservatives. They have conservative economical views, but do not see why we should be restricting others rights based on religion as it's hypocritical. For example, they do not believe in restricting homosexual rights, womens rights, or the right for women to have an abortion.

  • More right, but pretty much in the middle

    I agree with the solution that yields the most freedom to the individual in almost all cases. I tend to side a little bit more with the right because liberalism to me tends to yield less individual freedom, and the people that follow it tend to look down more heavily on people that don't agree with their ideology. I have found It's easier to have a reasonable debate with a conservative than a liberal. Young/lower class liberals tend to want people to pay for their lifestyle through tax-dollars.

    Back to my point, I tend to side with anything that doesn't put laws or expenses against the things I enjoy, or my lifestyle.

    I believe in helping people with my time through volunteering, not my money. You can throw money at a problem and someone will find a way to spend it all without completely eliminating the problem. If someone volunteers their time to help fix the problem, time and money is less likely to be wasted.

    Posted by: nt86

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