Libertarianism: Should all interaction with government be voluntary?

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  • Governmwnt is evil

    Any use of force or compulsion to take the property of another person is immoral. It is theft no matter how good the intentions and how efficiently government may soend the money. This is an age where we need to reduce the power of governments alot. It is time we experiment and start new models for civilization.

  • No, interaction with the government should not be voluntary.

    People do not have the right to live in the safety of this country unless they contribute to it. There contribution is based on taxes and obeying the laws. It is not much to ask for a lifetime of safety. People thinking that the government should not apply to them are way out of line.

  • Government Interaction Should Not Be Voluntary

    All interaction with government should not be voluntary. This would complicate many things like community or society building, property rights, human rights, and more. People's ethics could be demeaned if they did not have to abide by government laws and policies. Treating people like property would take our government back to places that we should never return to.

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