Libertarianism: Would the disadvantaged/unemployed survive in a libertarian society?

  • What the dude above me said and MORE!

    Here's more, in a libertarian society, the people would help the people who actually need help. Not those who are on well-fare because they don't want to work. We don't need a government to handle this, because the government always handles things the wrong way! Big government is destroying the U.S. And has already destroyed the U.K. We don't need it!

  • Yes, employees would be in demand.

    Yes, the unemployed would survive in a libertarian society, because in a libertarian society, the economy does so well that the employee is in high demand. In Regan's libertarian economy, society got richer from top to bottom. When employers cannot find enough workers, they offer higher pay and more benefits. A good economy works for everyone.

  • Libertarian Society: A Darwinian Proposition

    If a libertarian society existed in the United States or any other country, many things would change. The disadvantaged and unemployed would either discover new ways of becoming productive members of society, or they would cease to exist. Those who are strong enough and fit enough to survive would survive, and the rest would gradually be weeded out.

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