• All of em are

    Libertarians want CP legalized and want to keep lowering the age of consent until it doesnt exist so they can diddle kids. Its just facts. If anybody puts libertarian as their party on the ballot then they should have FBI sent to them and arrested to be honest Why do we let people like this exist in society

  • No they are not

    Stop the discrimination, They are not pedos, Probaly. S f sd fgsd f d fd f sd f sd fgsd g s gsd a m zsg s hfds g asd g e tg sa tdf tgrtf rter, N sdg s gy drtf d f df gf g f df gsd tg sa

  • Libertarians are not pedophiles and should stop being discriminated against.

    Pedophilia is not a mental disease, And should be treated as any other sexuality. Not all pedophiles are child molesters. And not all pedophiles are child rapist. Not all child molester and rapist are pedophiles either. The government should not determine what is right or what is wrong. Any kind of discrimination is wrong. What your saying is that even if the "pedophile" has not committed any crimes, Should get arrested for no reason. This is a violation of the Amendment 1, 4, And 6. Pedophiles should not be accused of a crime they had not committed. And CP should be legalized because if I was to watch a video of someone being murdered that doesn't mean that they support murder or in this case child rape, And is commiting rape. This society is rigged and broken, Is outdated, And I'm personally surprised that civilian has not collapsed sooner.

  • No. But they're counter productive

    I applaud libertarians for their lowering of the age of consent. As an anarchist i do not believe that libertarianism is the path to a free society. By limiting the state they may allow other bosses to suppress people. Ageism must be destroyed anarchy means the abolition of all authority.

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