Licensed pot grower beaten in Oregon: Should citizens mete out vigilante justice against drug growers?

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  • It is not helpful.

    Citizens should not mete out vigilante justice against drug growers, because there could be a chance that the person will get the wrong guy. There is a chance that the person they are actually beating up is innocent, or there is an explanation that makes the situation not as serious. There is no way to make vigilante justice fair.

  • No, I believe they should let justice take its course.

    I do not believe that citizens should mete out vigilante justice to drug growers, as this is a very unethical course of action. In this case, the grower was licensed and so was not doing anything illegal, however the same cannot be said for the citizens who took it upon themselves to use violence against him.

  • This wasn't justice, it was a robbery

    Make no mistake, this guy got ROBBED. It wasn't some vigilante looking for revenge for the community. It's unreported how the thieves knew where the pot was being grown, but if it turns out that it was from the records of the state, this guy is going to have quite a lawsuit on his hands. He jumped through all the hoops and checked all the boxes, and now he's missing his whole harvest.

  • It's a legal industry

    The government has spoken. It is legal for pot to be grown, sold, and used in Oregon. Nobody has the right to promote or carry out violence against anyone in the industry just because they don't like it or agree with the laws. People still look at marijuana as a bad drug. More education is needed to show these people that it isn't as horrible as they believe, and those that carry out this type of violence need to be held accountable.

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