• How else do you explain evil.

    The logical and moral problem of evil, causes one to question one God and two the assumed innate goodness of the world, if people can wail being moral correct, murder thousands on a whim, why have morals? Why do all men bow to a mere concept, morals exist to limit the superior man from existing, if a man with vision occurs he is shunned and the moral codes are manipulated to brand him a satanist.

  • Meaningless implies there is no goal, but everyone in the world pursues happiness above all else.

    Sure it takes on many forms, but everyone does stuff to be happy, even acts of generosity, such as volunteering at homeless shelters, are in the pursuit of happiness, but how they get their happiness makes it seem like they don't want it. I think the cruel and evil in the world were just unfortunates born with getting happiness through evil deeds or selfish ones. I think the point of life is to be as happy as possible, but with everyone idea of "happy" different it makes for an "interesting" world.

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