• Yes i think its good day by day you never know what tomorow brings

    Yes i do think its good to look day by day

    In the past i was looking forwards but future isnt something what is for sure so live every day as good as you can ans enjoy small things

    You never know what tomorow brings
    Be a good person and enjoy

  • Life Is Best Lived By The Day

    Future occurrences cannot be predicted, only preempted. We should live by the day and make the most out of the present.

    (It seems like there is a minimum word count. The above 2 sentences express my views sufficiently. The rest of this supporting argument is fluff words to satisfy the minimum word count.)

  • You have no Vision.

    Living by the day is fine if you just want to live. But without a meaning or purpose in life, it would rather be pointless. Dull and Depressing it may sound.

    Sure going to work everyday just to pay off a house and raising kids is all too familiar, predictable and boring. That is coming from a visionary person.

    That does not sound very exciting to live life day by day just for the sake of it, cmon show some adventure and come with a visionary idea that you like that you want to enjoy that you deem that it's worth fulfilling. Otherwise living day by day just to live is absolutely pointless.

  • Be Prepared, But Not Scared.

    Living day by day is a great thing to do. However, you cannot allow this to stop you from preparing for the future. Sure you can never know what the future will hold, but you can pretty accurately predict your close future and somewhat predict your far future. Preparing for those things now will prevent them from being a problem in the future.

  • Prepare for the future.

    Sure, if you are dying of a terminal condition and all arrangements are made, live each day of your life to it's limit because you may not have a tomorrow. Other than that you still have so many things that you need to prepare for.
    Assuming your going to have many years of life in the future, you have to keep that future in mind with your decisions. Sure, quitting your job and spending the rest of your money on enjoyable things sounds like fun but that money will run out fast. If you have kids or wish to have some, that means your actions today could cause them to suffer as well. Sure, you can enjoy your life but not preparing for the future will mean certain misery.

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