Life is Horribly Unfair to Some People, Life Gives up on Them first, And they then in return give up on their Hopes & Dreams

  • It's sad but true

    Some people do give up on Life, By that I don't mean that they killed themselves, But that they are still alive and breathing, However while they haven't killed themselves and they are still alive and breathing, They just don't care anymore about their hopes and dreams, They are living but not really enjoying life, They do Not care anymore about their hopes and dreams, They figure it's too late for them, And they just live miserable lives, But the fact is, While life is unfair often, To some people Life is Very Very Unfair, The fact is Life gave up on them first, Life gave up on them First, And then in Return these Suffering Individuals Gave up on Life, While these suffering Individuals are still alive and breathing, They are miserable and unhappy, They have given up on their hopes and dreams, Their sufferings, Circumstances, Mental illness, And/or Physical Conditions have ruined and greatly damaged their Lives and Quality of Lives, Not everyone can overcome unbearable sufferings, And just
    "Pull themselves up by the Bootstraps"
    I Knew this very nice woman, Who died several years ago in her 60's, Very nice intelligent woman, Wonderful human being, She first became Mentally ill in her late teen years, And it basically ruined her own life, It destroyed all her hopes and dreams, Motivations & Ambitions, & ruined her ability to work or even own a Job, By the time she had Finished High School, She was running to Psychiatrists and Taking Medications, Very Sad, When she passed away, Her death was Not a Suicide, But she still gave up on life, She lived a Miserable existence, And then died peacefully in her sleep

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