• It doesn't matter

    We are born, we grow, we learn, we work, and we die. All for nothing. Yes, some people are remembered longer than others, some more well known, but when it comes down to the point, are we really better than anyone else? No. Are we smarter than other species (or people) because we form more complex thoughts? No.

    And does it really matter when we classify everything down to religious, political, scientific, or social classes? No.

    Life is meaningless.

    So what if you know a language (or more), or you've 'created' something new, or if you've found the cure to cancer.
    Generation come an go, and the 'memory' won't last forever. Eventually everything will come to an end, and the thousands, million, billions or more years of existence, what does any life mean!?

    Many go claiming that there is a divine ruler(s) which give them purpose, but think about it, there are SO many different religions, and bone have been proven to be 100% truthful.

    The Bible, for instance, dates the creation of the universe only a few thousand years, while Scientology claims it is over 4 billion years ago that this happened. Nothing has really shown proof.

    Same with humans. What proof I there that we have meaning?


    I myself don't have a religion, but know much about many of them, as well as science, but not once have I seen proof, or even a slight chance sign that we have purpose.

    Life. Is. Pointless.

  • Purpose is extrinsic

    For example, a computer has several purposes, based on its usefulness to man. The purpose of a worker ant, arguably, is to build an anthill for other ants to live in as a community. To extend 'purpose' to human life undermines the autonomy of the individual human life. If you say human life isn't pointless, or it isn't supposed to be pointless, you are elevating the condition of being a slave above, say, philosophy, poetry or music. As for all three example disciplines of philosophy, poetry or music, they can and are exercised independently by the individual, to serve no masters or peers. To give proper respect and dignity to human life, you have to declare it pointless. To extend that respect and dignity to other lifeforms seems perfectly reasonable. For example, the point of a cow is to make shoes, or to be eaten? The idea that all life serves a 'greater good' or commonality of purpose, whether the simpleton's idea of a god, or some great mechanism in the universe propelling itself towards a goal of some sort, insults and demeans the very idea of life. Hence, life is pointless, and gladly so.

  • There are two ways to look at this.

    The first way to tackle this question is to say that nothing matters. That nothing we do, say, feel, think or discover will ever affect the universe in any major way. Therefore, in the big picture, life is pointless. This is most likely the case, because of the neutrality of everything.

    However, this is a pretty grim and depressing way to look at life. So the second way to look at things is that everything matters down to a deep, psychological level and that everything we do, say, think, or feel will affect not the big picture of the universe but how we affect ourselves and everyone in our lives, which some say is more important than the big picture.

    So we can either live our lives in a depressing state where nothing matters, and life is dull. Or we can live in a state of false security, where we are ignorant, but nonetheless happy.

    Which is better?

    You decide.

  • Yes, but it depends on how you live your life.

    I'm a Christian, but I doubt religion matters for this subject much, unless you're talking about an 'afterlife', but I'm going to focus mainly on life on Earth, not some sort of afterlife.

    As others have stated before me, Yes, we live, we work, and we die. In retrospect, this seems so. However, life can be made, through human emotions, to feel much more signifigant. I understand that this sounds cliche, and it's been said countless times, but helping others not for your own well-being, but for theirs, is priceless. I've helped out plenty of people in my early life, and I can confirm that it feels great. Seeing a smile on their face, and lighting up their day just puts you on Cloud Nine.

    From a long-term point of view, yes, you can be remember for quite some time based on your actions. This can lead to a domino effect on people to come. They may learn from your mistakes, and improve from them.

    Other than that, yes, Earth life can feel pretty pointless.

  • We all live. We all die. The end.

    We all live. We all die. The end. But i need to put more words so im just saying this as filler so i might just spam the title for a while. We all live. We all die. The end.We all live. We all die. The end.We all live. We all die. The end. There we go. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • No, it totally matters!

    If we do good things on earth we can go to heaven. If you are bad you will go to hell. I believe in God. I am a mormon, and life is totally meaningful. When we die we go to heaven or hell. Depends on how good we were on earth.

  • Life is not pointless

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  • No life matters even if only while we're alive.

    I think that life matters our actions affect other people. I'm way too emotionally attached to my life and others that I would much rather have them be alive. Even if there is no greater purpose life isn't pointless. Even if death is inevitable for all life in the universe it is not the destination but the journey that matters. If life is pointless I believe that more people would end their own.

    However this is just my opinion but it matters when an opinion poll is conducted. Since that is what's happening listen to me. Even after I die I will still have been alive for some point of my life.

  • Only human life is pointless

    Animal and plant life is mostly very meaningful and fulfilling except for everything humans touched. So life as a plant is not pointless, plants have souls and they go to heaven and then they are expressed as the holy beings they are. Most animals and fungi are like that too.

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