Life is simple.We are the ones that crew it up

Asked by: yadayada
  • Yes life is simple.

    Look at how many animals in the world live, they live a simple life of eating and drinking. However I think that making it complex helps us live better and civilized. Philosophy and morals keep us together as a compassionate species which will save the lives of predators and animals who would kill us if they had the chance.

  • Yes, life is simple, but humans are curious, need order, meaning, and facts.

    Life is simply just existing... Food, water, air, shelter, etc,. Monumentally helps keep life from perishing faster than usual. Everything else is just made up for a good and bad cause.

    Anyways, I have a questions for you: What do you mean by we, as in people, screw up life? Is it because not everyone partakes into keeping the environment clean? Is it because the 'new' way of supplying food? Or is it about everyone' s pointless emotion, respecting almost everyone's opinions and debates on world changes that everyone has to follow, unless they are willing to deal with consequences, that are existing around religion (in some cases, but most)?

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