Life is unfair therefore its not fair of you to bring life into it.

Asked by: steffon66
  • When you bring life into the world your giving some more than they deserve and some far less than they deserve.

    Who actually gets what they deserve? We dont even know what other people deserve. Everybody has a different opinion on what is punishable and what is commendable so the people who do those things are going to get less or more than they deserve. If people got what they deserved then i wouldnt call life a bad thing but when your bringing children into the world to be raped tortured or what have you so you can be happy its selfish unfair and cruel. Selfish because your deciding that others will suffer so you can be happier. Unfair because they will inevitably be treated in ways they dont deserve to be treated. And cruel because they will inevitably be harmed

  • Life is competitive, not unfair.

    When a wolf grabs and kills the slowest deer, it's not unfair, it's competition, and both the wolves and the deer population as a whole are better for their loss.

    When you have a child, your job is to protect it and raise it to be able to protect itself. Dangers are not as "random" as they appear, the strongest and smartest humans are precautions, have means to protect and defend themselves, and also work to make improvements for the next generation. It's the weakest ones who suffer, and yes, those individuals would be better off not reproducing, they can not successfully care for another individual if they haven't yet achieved success for themselves.

    When the strong, successful, and socially ethical reproduce (since we are a socially dependent species as a whole), they instead make life better and more enjoyable for their generation and the ones proceeding.

  • You already did this one.
    I will repeat what I said there.
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  • Along with the polar bear, humans no endangered species.

    I respect, feel sorry for, but respect, anyone who chooses not having children over getting knocked up and randomly having children they don't want (but are not strong enough to adopt out) or are incapable of caring for. I know many people who just didn't feel a need, so they struggled with going against societal norms. Some got the white picket fence, just no play house or bikes behind it. Their reasons were personal choice.
    I, however won't debate that aspect, what I find terribly sad is the total lack of hope, or faith or trust, in humans in General.
    You must understand this is coming from someone who has experienced some pretty bad things. Kidnapped at gun point, in rehab by 25, Domestic Abuse, ect.. But, I have v chosen to look at those situations, those people as the exception, Not the rule. Yes, things don't seem fair, or just or right sometimes. The world has always seemed, to the major age group, as if Armageddon is here. Well, hasn't happened yet.
    Don't ask me why or how, but I can't remember a time in my life when I didn't know, like absolutely deep in my soul, I was suppose to have my daughter. At 35, that belief seemed out of reach. But, by 36 I had a baby girl. She almost didn't make it, but they got her out in time and she was so aware most babies can't focus, she looked every one straight in the eye. Now, the marraige that brought her was more than a disaster, he's a sociopath, I have sheltered her well, but like I said, she's aware. I have told people and her, that I know she's here to change the world. Lot of pressure for a kid, ya think? Well I have never told her Shes expecylted to be president, cure cancer or end world hunger, (although with my kid, that's not out of the question) I believe u can change the world. One person at a time. My daughter, if safe and appropriate, will approach military, police, fire look them in the face and say "thank you". She compliments strangers, again with me, and sincerely, for cute shoes, or the good things she notices, and good is what she looks for. She is the first to comfort another kid at school and best of all, she doesn't fall for her father's manipulative crap. She's calls him out. She's is strong, brave, smart and kind. One person at a time is how this world is going to change, we never really know how much our actions affect others everyday. But she and I hope people we come across, leave feeling better than before us. If noone believes that our children are our future...Then we have no future.

  • There is no such thing as unfair.

    Assuming a non-determinist universe, life is both competitive and fair. On the individual level, this can seem unfair because we inherit various advantages or disadvantages, both genetically and situationally. However, each person’s life is the result of how well our genes equip us for the series of events, both orchestrated and random, including how well we compete for mates, resources, and advantages in subsequent competitions, both for ourselves and our progeny.

    Randomness is intrinsically fair because there is nothing controlling it to give any unfair advantage to anyone. Our genetic makeup is the result of random events that affected the genes of our ancestors and ourselves. The random events that produced parents with advantageous physical and mental hardware is augmented by the randomness that put them in the same place at the same time to enable them to meet, have sex, and produce their offspring. Which particular gametes that joined to produce the zygote and the genes they contributed to the offspring were likewise random.

    The randomly determined quality of these genes determines in part how well equipped to deal with life’s events and situations, some, BUT NOT ALL, of which are random. Sometimes out genes help us (or not) deal with events that are random, and because all aspects of the situation are dominated by randomness, it is easy to designate it as a fair situation and a fair outcome.

    Many events and situations, however, are clearly not random. People do purposeful things to pointedly create and compound advantages for themselves, often at the expense of others. These actions and their results are what people generally call unfair. The ability to do these non-random things, however results from random genetic and situational events compounded by the gene-based abilities of individuals and their progeny to survive and capitalize on their survival to create subsequent advantages. People come by their abilities to be oppressive fairly, and others are unable to stop them as a result of likewise fair processes.
    Life is not easy, kind, or cost-free. It is, however, fair. Compete. All wins are fair wins and all losses are fair losses. It is only fair to bring a life into the world to let him or her take a shot at the competition.

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Reeseroni says2015-09-04T20:21:07.703
The fact that life is unfair is an opinion, so its not fair to set that as a standard to base a question, opinion or not.
steffon66 says2015-09-04T20:29:13.607
You just said the FACT that life is unfair is an opinion. That makes absolutely no sense. There is no such thing as a fact that is based on opinion. Facts are based on proofs and not opinions. And after reading the rest of this its obvious that you are rushing through your responses and making a lot of mistakes.