Life without parole vs. death penalty: Is life without parole a sufficient alternative to the death penalty?

  • Yes. I believe that life without parole is a sufficient alternative to the death penalty.

    Yes. I believe that life without parole is a sufficient alternative to the death penalty, because I don't believe in killing people. Executing someone would make you no better than the criminal. The criminal justice system should let people serve their sentence, and not murder them. That's a crime in itself.

  • Yes it is.

    Life without parole is a sufficient alternative to the death penalty. We should not dictate who has the right to live and who is supposed to die. That is just not our place in the world. Not to mention it makes us worse than the person we are sentencing because we are doing it as a society.

  • What Other Option Is there?

    There are a few benefits to this option. The first one being that innocent people who get sent to death role don't end up paying the ultimate price for being inaccurately charged. The second reason is that death is the easy way out for some of these violent felons who commit these horrific acts.. Third one is how much the tax payer would save on money, due to all these ;lawyer appeals.

  • Depends on the circumstance

    This is a very good question that I think will remain debated for a very long time. In my personal opinion, I think at times, life in prison without parole is a decent alternative to the death penalty. Some people deserve to suffer and rot away for what they have done.

  • No they are very different

    Life without parole and the death penalty are not even close in severiy to me. One is the ultimate punishment and one is living out your life alone. There are many places that don't agree with the death penalty so life with no parole is the next best thing but I do not think they are close in comparison.

  • Life without parole is not a suffucient alternative to the death penalty

    Sending a criminal to prison for life is a waste of resources and should not be an option. If a person has committed a crime heinous enough they cannot be reintroduced into society then they are not fit to live among criminals either. The death penalty would save a lot of money and would keep the other prisoners safer.

  • No. If a crime is that serious, death should be allowed.

    No. Life in prison without parole should not be considered an alternative to the death penalty. When a crime warrants the death penalty, that sentence should be carried out. Life in prison is an extreme weight on society, and the hard working, tax paying populous should not bear the burden of feeding and housing someone for the rest of their life while they sit in a jail cell.

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