Lifetime ban of athletes using drugs in sports: Are we currently testing athletes too much?

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  • We are not testing athletes enough

    No, I do not believe that we are testing athletes too much for drug use. I think that we are not testing them enough. It is illegal and individuals understand that it is illegal, yet their are still those that continue to test the system by using these drugs. Using drugs is not fair to the fans, team mates, or opponents and should not be tolerated. Not to mention that they are extremely dangerous.

  • Keep Testing Athletes

    I do not believe we are testing athletes to much, to check for tracers of drugs, such as steroids. I believe it is important to make sure that players do not use these drugs while playing professional sports. We are not testing too much, it is a policy/rule that needs to be enforced.

  • We are not currently testing athletes too much.

    It is important to preserve the integrity of our sport. Athletes should be frequently tested to make sure they are not using banned substances in order to get an unfair advantage. Cheating cannot be tolerated because it violates the ideals of sportsmanship which athletes are supposed to represent. Testing should be continued and even increased.

  • Athletes Are Not Tested Too Often for Drugs

    No, we are not currently testing athletes too often for drugs in professional sports. Frequent drug tests ensure that the playing field is kept even. If we tested for performance enhancing drugs less often, it may allow certain athletes to gain unfair advatanges. That would do the world of professional sports no good at all

  • Athletes should be regularly drug tested.

    Athletes using drugs in sports is a really bad crime against the trust (and money) that many people invest in them, especially the youth. They set a terrible example that could encourage juvenile drug use. Sports is supposed to be about real competition, not enhanced performances. It's cheating to use drugs, and all offending athletes should be banned from their sport because they don't want to compete, they simply want to win at any cost.

  • No, athletes are not being tested to much.

    Testing is way behind in terms of doping. I personally was a member of two separate college baseball teams. Members of those teams used all sorts of illegal performance enhancing drugs. In all of my time I knew of nobody being tested and no other team we played as being tested. Testing is virtually non-existent.

  • The rules should be enforced, if you won't enforce them then don't have the rule.

    A major winner like Lance Armstrong being outed as a doper undermines the credibility of the sport. If the champion can win for several years and get away with it, there is no chance for legitimate competitors to win. Lackadaisical drug testing where people who avoid drug tests are not caught encourages a culture of rule breaking and disrespect for the competition. If you're going to have a rule where competitors may not use drugs, then you should drug test, and if you're not going to drug test, then it's a stupid rule.

    If drugs are only tested for sporadically, not only will people get away with using drugs and winning, but a system of selective enforcement can be used to fix the competitions in favor of a certain team or country.

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