Lifetime ban of athletes using drugs in sports: Is performance-enhancing drug-use unfair in sports?

  • Enhancement drugs give one an unfair advantage over another

    Yes, I believe that performance enhancing drugs are extremely unfair in sports, not to mention dangerous for those using and those that are around the user. Some are born with sports related talents and do not have to use drugs to succeed. It is unfair for those that choose to remain drug free to have to compete with someone who has decided that hard work and natural talent is no longer sufficient.

  • Unfair but hard to detect.

    It is completely unfair for athletes to use performance enhancing drugs to increase their performance in their sport. Not only does it give them false advantages, but it encourages others to do it so that they can keep up. These drugs should not be banned for non sporting reasons, but if you're an athlete then it should be banned.

  • Performance Enhancing Drugs are Unfair

    Yes, the use of performance enhancing drugs in sports is unfair. Not only are they unfair, but they are the very definition of cheating. To use a substance to enhance one's abilities past the normal limits of the human body is unfair not only to other players, but to the player using the drug as well. That person shall never know their potential without an artificial aid.

  • Yes, it is.

    Performance enhancing drugs are not fair to use, and damage a persons body and reputation. These athletes are more than capable of working hard and becoming great that way, but some of them do not realize it. They enhance themselves through drugs giving themselves not only an unfair advantage, but a health risk as well.

  • Yes, drugs are cheating.

    I firmly believe that performance enhancing drug use is cheating, and therefore you should be banned for life. Athletes are getting paid millions for their talent and ability. They have many people who look up to them. Cheating is cheating, and there's no other way to look at it. If you cheat at poker, you get kicked out. If you cheat on a test, you get kicked out, why should this be different? You shouldn't be paying someone money to cheat, when there are other athletes out there who would kill to be part of the sport and would do it for a dollar, let alone a million.

    If athletes in the past played while drunk (Mickey Mantle, Babe Ruth), then you can easily play with no drugs in your system. The cleaner the sport, the more admired you/the sport is.

  • Depends on # of violations.

    I think when it comes to athletes using performance-enhancing drugs, it really depends on exactly how many violations they have under their belt before getting the boot from their respected for sport for life. I think if they get caught once or twice, it should be passed with a fine.

  • Anything that is not allowed is unfair

    Yes performance enhancing drugs are unfair in sports because they are not allowed, so if you take them you have an advantage over the competition. Athletes get paid a lot of money and if they can't follow the rules of the sport then they do deserve to be banned from the sport.

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